b'COOKING & BAKINGA BDress for SuccessAdorn your little cook or baker with this well-made classic hat and they will be ready to get to work. Made of soft, durable, heavyweight 100% cotton twill fabric with an adjustable Velcro band for the perfect fit. Sized for ages 2-8.A. Baker/Chef Hat D385$7.95Mini Measuring BeakersFAVORITE!This set of four nesting beakers reminds us that cooking really is science! Calibrated in both standard cooking units and milliliters, each beaker has an angled rim and spout.Pieces nest for storage.Easy to grasp, with stable bases. Dishwasher-safe plastic. 1 tsp., 1 tbs., 1 oz., and 2 oz.; each is 3" high. Ages 3+.C, D EB. Mini Measuring Beakers SC846 $11.95NEW!Measure & MixPerfectly suited for the young child, this Non-Slip Batter Bowl features a pouring spout, and a non-slip handle and bottom. Plastic, 2-quart capacity. 8" dia; 4" deep. The matching Measuring Cups & Spoons have easy-to-read measurements and non-slip handles. Dishwasher safe. Ages 3+. Bowl won\'t slide away!C. Non-Slip Batter BowlD198$ 9.95 D. Measuring Cups & SpoonsD51810.95 Measure & Mix Kitchen Set (bowl, spoons, cups) D68 19.95Stainless Steel SifterChildren will be fascinated with the workings of this child-size, one-cup sifter. The wood-handled crank smoothly turnsF, G Htwo wire agitators. Rust-resistant and easy to clean. 3" base x 4" high. Ages 3+. E. Stainless Steel Sifter D356 $8.95Whisk or Mash!Whisk, beat, or blend with this chef\'s quality Balloon Whisk (6" long). Ideal for preparing eggs or dressings. Chrome-coated steel. Ages 3+. The stainless steel Mini Masher (6" long) is ideal for mashing potatoes or bananas. Ages 2+. Both pieces are dishwasher safe.F. Balloon WhiskD430 $6.50G. Mini MasherD108 4.95Mix A Lot!With practice, children can whip cream, beat eggs, and mix light batter using this standard-size, classic egg beater. The gears are enclosed in the handle, safely away from Roll With It!FAVORITE! little fingers. The non-slip grip and handle are Young children can roll dough easily with thiseasy for a right- or left-handed child to hold petite, professional rolling pin. The handles remainand turn, and the motion is easy and smooth. stationary as the cylinder glides over the dough.Removable stainless steel beaters for easy Cylinder is 7" x 1" dia.; 11" overall. Ages 3+. cleaning. Handle is 1" dia.; 12" high overall. Wooden Rolling Pin D326$11.95 Ages 4+.H. Deluxe Hand Mixer D470$22.9510 forsmallhands.com'