b'FUN & GAMES!12 pairsto match!Animals on Parade Hop to It!Introduce children to the game of dominoesBeautiful and educational! Children will while practicing matching and taking turns.learn to identify 12 real tropical frogs asThe whole family can play! As the turnsthey play this memory/matching game.progress, the thick, beautifully illustrated tilesThe large, thick die-cut pieces are especially come together to create a 9-foot long animalappealing to children. 24 pieces (12 pairs). parade! Includes 28 jumbo pieces (4" x 2").For 2 or more players. Ages 3-8.Ages 3+.Tropical Frogs Shaped Memory Match Head to Toe Floor Dominoes V227 $15.95SC306 $13.95Qwirkle Mix, Match, Score, and Win!With elements of familiar games, Qwirkle is engaging for mixed ages. Its part dominoes (matching) and part chess (strategy). And when a tile completes a series, call out Qwirkle (instead of Bingo). 108 wooden tiles in 6 shapes and 6 colors. For 24 players. Ages 6+.! Become A Fish FinderQwirkle Y480 $29.50 Challenge visual recognition and memory skills with this matching game featuring an array of bright, colorful fish. Made from thick, recycled cardboard these oversized cards (3" dia.) come in a durable zipper pouch for travel-ready portability. 24 cards (12 matching pairs). Ages 3+.Gone FishingMatching GameV650$10.95Can you shut the box?Roll the Dice!Calculate number combinations, then start flipping until you turn over all of the tiles and shut the box. Vary or simplify the game for younger children by presenting it as a counting or symbol-matching activity (one die or two); also, play as solitaire. Includes 2 dice, felt- lined wooden box (10" x 6"), and basic instructions. Ages 4+.!Shut the Box MA35 $19.95 52 888-513-3998 Find more fun GAMES & ACTIVITIES online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM'