b'FUN & GAMES!Robot Face RaceAnimals on ParadeThe Frantically Fun Feature-Finding Game Introduce children to the game of dominoes while Have a blast with this fast-paced board game, whilepracticing matching and taking turns. The whole sharpening observation skills. Shake the robotfamily can play! As the turns progress, the thick, randomizer to display the colors of the robot\'s face,beautifully illustrated tiles come together to create eyes, nose, and mouth. Then, everyone can scan thea 9-foot long animal parade! Includes 28 jumbo 120 images to find a matching robot. Can be playedpieces (4" x 2"). Ages 3+. cooperatively. For 14 players. Ages 4+.! Head to Toe Floor Dominoes V227 $14.95Robot Face RaceV743 $24.95Qwirkle The Secret DoorFAVORITE!With elements of familiar games, Qwirkle isThe missing valuables must be found before engaging for mixed ages. Its part dominoesmidnight! Working cooperatively, the players (matching) and part chess (strategy). Andexplore the old mansion to find clues, discuss when a tile completes a series, call outpossibilities, and share strategies. Giving their Qwirkle (instead of Bingo). 108 woodenmemory a good workout, theyll find out just tiles in 6 shapes and 6 colors. For 24 players.whats behind the mysterious door. Each game Ages 6+.! provides a new challenge. From Family Pastimes. Qwirkle Y480 $25.95For 18 players. Ages 58.!The Secret Door FP33 $17.50! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDSmall parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.52 forsmallhands.com'