b'HANDWORKAB10 spools & 20 buttons.Threading Buttons & Spools Simple Knitting Finger Knitting Fun28 Cute, Clever,An engaging variation on a favorite activity!Two introductions to the pleasure of working withand Creative Projects for KidsChildrens fingers get acquainted with the correctyarn! Use simple hand and finger movements toMake a necklace, a wristband, even a pillow! Step-position for holding a pencil using the 2 shoelacecreate a loose, chain-like stitch with the woodenby-step illustrations and instructions show how to style laces (24"), 10 colorful spools (1" dia.), andKnitting Fork. (Sorry, yarn not included.) 6" long.finger knit at three levels of difficulty. Larger projects 20 big wooden buttons (1" dia.). Ages 36.! Ages 5+. The Knitting Tower has a four-prong endmight require additional skills and adult assistance, Threading Buttons & Spools V46 $12.95 for beginners and a six-prong end for the morebut children as young as 4 can learn to finger knit! experienced. Wrap, loop, and move yarn around thePaperback, 94 pages. prongs to create a snake. Bamboo tower comesFinger Knitting Fun V427 $22.95with a small skein of yarn (color may vary) and instructions. 3" tall x 1" dia. Ages 6+.A. Knitting ForkV407$ 8.95 B. Knitting Tower V40312.95Potholder Loom & LoopsFAVORITE!Using a metal hook, children weave the jersey cotton loops across the sturdy metal frame. Potholder Loom & Loops includes the 7" sq. metal frame, 2 hooks, a bag of cotton loops in assorted colors (enough for 2 potholders), and instructions. Potholder Loops includes enough loops for 2 more potholders. Lotta Loops has enough for 8. Ages 6+, younger with adult assistance.Potholder Loom & LoopsV300$17.95 Potholder Loops only V3017.95 Lotta Loops only V302 19.95 The best giftsare handmade!Set of 6 Lacing ShapesChildren will learn the lacing stitch as they thread the laces through the punched holes again and again. Theyll also love mixing and matching the 6 wooden geometric shapes with the colored laces. A great activity for encouraging handwork. Largest piece is 5" sq.; laces are 37". Ages 3+. Lacing Shapes V390 $13.9518 forsmallhands.com'