b'HANDWORKEnjoy thepleasure ofworking with yarn.10 spools & 20 buttons.Threading Buttons & Spools Simple Knitting Finger Knitting Fun28 Cute,An engaging variation on a favorite activity!Wrap, loop, and move yarn around the prongsClever, and Creative Projects for KidsChildrens fingers get acquainted with theto create a snake. This bamboo knitting spoolMake a necklace, a wristband, even a pillow! Step-correct position for holding a pencil using the 2(also called a "corker") has a four-prong endby-step illustrations and instructions show how shoelace style laces (24"), 10 colorful spoolsfor beginners and a six-prong end for the moreto finger knit at three levels of difficulty. Larger (1" dia.), and 20 big wooden buttons (1" dia.).experienced. Bamboo tower (1" dia.; 3" tall)projects might require additional skills and adult Ages 36.! comes with a small skein of yarn (color willassistance, but children as young as 4 can learn to Threading Buttons & Spools V46 $12.95 vary), and instructions. Ages 6+. finger knit! Paperback, 94 pages. Knitting Tower V403 $12.95Finger Knitting FunV427$22.95Friendly LoomFAVORITE! Twice as nice!Potholder Loom & Loops Kit makes 2 pieces.Make something by hand! This classic potholder loom has a sturdy metal frame with curved tines to keep the loops from sliding off. Weave the colorful cotton loops across the 7" sq. frame with a metal hook. The Friendly Loom includes frame, 2 hooks, instructions, and enough loops to make 2 potholders. Want to make more? Potholder Loops has enough for 2 and Rainbow Lotta Loops makes 6. Ages 6+, younger with adult assistance. Friendly Loom (includes loops)V300 $19.95 Potholder Loops only (2 potholders)V3018.95 Rainbow Lotta Loops (6 potholders) V303 19.95The best giftsare handmade!Set of 6 Lacing ShapesChildren will learn the lacing stitch as they thread the laces through the punched holes again and again. Theyll also love mixing and matching the 6 wooden geometric shapes with the colored laces. A great activity for encouraging handwork. Largest piece is5" sq.; laces are 37". Ages 3+. Lacing Shapes V390 $14.9518 forsmallhands.com'