b'TOYS TO GROW WITHGreat for Roll & Play mixed ages. NEW!Cheesalino A Classic with a Twist!Your Childs First Game Mouse & Cheese Lacing Young children can refine their fine motor Toss the color cube, pick a card matching theHow much cheese can the mouse eat? Young skills by connecting these screw-together color shown, and perform the activity: Make achildren will build hand-eye coordination andblocks. Match the eight wooden blocks by sleepy face. Rub your belly. MOO like a cow.fine motor skills by threading the hungry mouseshape or by color. Four are fitted with sturdy The game emphasizes taking turns and helpsthrough the Swiss cheese. Then, theyll use problem-plastic screws to join to the others. Great for develop gross motor skills. 6 card categoriessolving to unlace it and start again. Instructionseye-hand coordination and spatial relations. include emotions, counting, body parts, andfor several games included. Smooth beechwoodCube is 1". Ages 2+.more. Plush 6" cube and 48 laminated cardscheese (3" x 5"; 2" thick) and mouse (2" long)Twist & Turnables V483 $14.95 (4" sq.). Ages 15. and 17" breakaway cotton cord. Ages 2+. Roll & Play Y210 $28.95 Cheesalino V149$22.95A Playing with well-crafted toys helps develop concentration and eye-hand coordination.ABStack & Sort Board Reinforce concepts of shapes, colors, and numbers. At first, young children will focus on stacking the pieces on the posts. Soon theyllbe counting as they stack! All wood. 13" long; 4" high overall. Ages 24. A. Stack & Sort BoardY411$17.75Count, Stack, Balance & BuildStack or FAVORITE! nestBuilding a tower is almost as fun as knocking it down!the 10 NEW!Stacking Shape SorterThis set of 10 sturdy paperboard blocks introducesblocks!Sort blocks by color, learn names of shapes,children not only to stacking and nesting, but also match dowels to blocks, and stack the pieces!to counting and sequencing. Each side of This compact wooden puzzle block offersthese beautifully illustrated blocks has unlimited creative opportunities. Includes 19a different theme: counting/numbers, colored blocks and 9 colored dowels that fitanimals, animal babies, and a tree that cleverly into the wooden tray (6 sq.). Childrengrows as the blocks are stacked and will enjoy this fun manipulative toy. Ages 2+. aligned. 35" high (stacked). Cubes B. Stacking Shape Sorter Y782$29.95 range from 1"5". Ages 1+. My Friends Stacking Blocks Y316 $19.9522 forsmallhands.com'