b'WORDS! WORDS! WORDS!Read & Listen!Poetry shouldbe heard.My First Dictionary Poetry Speaks to Children Forget-Me-Nots1000 Words, Pictures, and Definitions Book & CD10th Anniversary Edition Poems to Learn by HeartA brilliant bridge between a picture dictionary and aThe whole family will enjoy these 95 contemporaryWhen you learn a poem by heart, it becomes a text-only dictionary! Early readers will find a pictureand classic poems by 75 poets. The subjects reflectpart of you. So begins the introduction to this clue alongside the definitions of words selected withchildrens interests: flashlights and chocolate,enchanting collection. Filled with humor, sweetness, children in mind. Alphabetical listings help childrentree-climbing, art class, and turning ten. Of course,and wonder, the poems are from classic authors look up and decipher unfamiliar words. Includes tipsall poems are meant to be heard! 50 poems aresuch as Emily Dickinson and Rudyard Kipling, for adults and nine dictionary games. Hardcover, 96recorded, many read aloud by the poet. Hardcover,as well as contemporary poets. 120 poems in all. pages. Ages 58.104 pages. CD, 58 selections. All ages. Hardcover, 144 pages. All ages.My First Dictionary L26 $15.95 Poetry Speaks to Children L122 $19.95 Forget-Me-Nots L540 $20.95Read to children daily. Use lots of big words.25 self-checkingSoon, children will be talkingand reading! puzzle pairs!Bob BooksFAVORITE! Rhyming WordsKnown for their subtle humor, simple line drawings,Puzzle Pairsand appealing small size (5" x 4"), Bob BooksMoon and spoon. Fox and box. Pie provide a fun challenge for the new reader. Simplicityand tie. In this pre-reading activity, and consistency make them a dependable way ofchildren match the words that sound ensuring successful experiences in the early stages ofthe same by using color-coded clues reading. Paperback, 12-24 pages each. Ages 48. and engaging illustrations. These clever Set 1 Beginning Readers 12 titlesL752$17.95puzzles reinforce that reading is fun and Set 2 Advancing Beginners 12 titlesL75317.95rewarding. 50 pieces (25 puzzle pairs), Set 3 Word Families 8 titlesL75417.956" x 2" each. Ages 3+.Set 4 Complex Words 8 titlesL75517.95Rhyming Words L230 $17.95 Set 5 Long Vowels 8 titlesL75617.95All Five Sets of Bob Books L75789.75 Build on success with this sequential set.42 forsmallhands.com'