b'WORDS! WORDS! WORDS!SAVE$5.00when you buy both!5-Minute Really True Stories for Bedtime30 Amazing StoriesHands-On LearningFAVORITE! Truth is stranger than fiction, especially in The unique approach used in these books integratesthis compendium of real-life stories that touch, sight, and sound. In The Red Letter Alphabettake readers on adventures from Ancient Book, each letter is made of greeting card felt whichEgypt to outer space, each in the span invites children to touch the letter while seeingof five minutes. This collection nourishes drawings of everyday objects that contain thatchildren\'s minds while relaxing their letter sound. Includes phonetic pronunciation guidebodies with rhythmic prose and dreamlike and suggestions for use. Spiral-bound cardstock.imagery. Features the work of 4 storytellers 56 pages. Ages 26. Pair with The Blue Numberand 10 illustrators. Hardcover, 192 pages. Inspired byCounting Book (L712, p. 40). Ages 4+. MontessoriThe Red Letter Alphabet BookL710$20.005 Minute Really True Stories for.principles. The Blue Number Counting BookL712 15.00.Bedtime L554 $16.95 Red Letter/Blue Number SetL71330.00SAVE .Family Time (description online)L55512.95Read to children daily. Use lots of big words.A-E Soon, children will be talkingand reading!Bring Science to Life! F 25 self- Guided Science Readers checkingSet your young readers on the path topuzzle success with this sequential series. Thepairs!captivating photos will engage children, and the simple text will boost their reading confidence. Each boxed set contains 16 paperback books (8 pages each), a 16-page activity book, and parent tips. Ages 3-6. A. Level AL640 $23.95 B. Level BL64123.95 C. Level C L64223.95 D. Level DL64323.95E. All 4 Sets (Levels A-D)L645 95.75Rhyming WordsPuzzle PairsMoon and spoon. Fox and box. Pie and tie. In this pre-reading activity, children match the words that sound the same by using color-coded clues and engaging illustrations. These clever puzzles reinforce that reading is fun and rewarding. 50 pieces (25 puzzle pairs), 6" x 2" each.Ages 3+.F. Rhyming Words L230 $17.95 42 forsmallhands.com'