b'NEW! Jingle All the WayThese old-fashioned harness bells are a classic percussion instrument Perfectgreat for movement as well as music. Very study for smallconstruction, with bells firmly fixed to the nylon hands. webbing wristband with an adjustable velcro closure. 8" long. Ages 1+.Blue Wrist Bells EachM115$4.95 Red Wrist Bells EachM1164.95Shake Things Up! Keep the Beat! Peter and the WolfMaestro Classics When shaken, these beautiful wooden animalsStriking a real hand drum brings forth pleasing,Orchestra Stories in Music CDmake lovely, soft percussive sounds, muchresonant tones that vary according to whereAs the story of Peter and the Wolf unfolds, children like a maraca. With smooth edges all around,on the drumhead the hand falls. This authentic(and adults) learn that each character in the story theyre perfect rattles for babies. Preschoolersinstrument will inspire children to play alongis represented by an instrument of the orchestra, can use these shakers as fun rhythmwith a recording or create their own rhythms.and each character has its own musical theme. The instruments. Each is 1" thick. Ages 1+. With a leather head (7" dia.) stretched over acomposer, Sergei Prokofiev, tells the story with the Bird 4" x 2"M456 hardwood body, it comes with an adjustablemusic! Includes a full-length, narrated orchestral Elephant 4" x 3"M455shoulder strap. Play it standing or rest it on thepiece with extra informative tracks. 24-page Whale 4" x 2"M457 floor. 15" high. Ages 3+.booklet. 68 minutes. Ages 4+. Llama 2" x 4"M458 Child-Size Conga Drum M135 $81.50Peter and the Wolf CD M311 $16.95Dolphin 4" x 2"M454Each$8.95Everyone can play!Set includes: jingle stick (6"), castanet clapper (5") pair of rhythm sticks (8") pair of clappers (5\' x 2") guiro shaker with striker (6")NEW!Rhythm to Go! Shake, clap, jingle, tap! This inviting set of five wooden instruments begs to be played. Each quality piece makes a distinct sound that Five wooden children will love. Packaged in a reusable jute instruments! bag. Ages 3+.Wooden Instrument SetM111$35.00Find more INSTRUMENTS online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 25'