b'ALL THESEIN ABACKPACKan entirecollection! Play Beautiful Music NEW!Can You Hear It?Book & CDAnyone can instantly play this wooden lap harp (alsoAn "I Spy" for the ears, this resource pairs 13 works known as a zither). Just slide a song sheet under theof fine art to 13 musical compositionsa superb strings and pluck the string above each noteitsintroduction to orchestral voices and their instruments. that easy to introduce children to the joys of music.It also presents a series of musical riddles prompting Comes with 6 two-sided song sheets (12 songs), tuner,children to listen carefully. Includes presentation pick, spare string, and a lifetime string replacementsuggestions, a summary of orchestral instruments, guarantee. 15" x 8". Ages 4+.! and facts about the music and art. Hardcover, 40 Additional Music Packets, each with 12 songs (6 two- pages; CD has 13 selections performed by world-class sided sheets), are also available. The sturdy Carryingorchestras. Ages 4+.Case has a handle, outside pocket, and an easy zipperCan You Hear It?M175$19.95closure.A Backpack Full of Music!FAVORITE!Melody Harp M360 $49.95 This handy backpack holds enough instruments for 10 Music Packets (songs listed online)children. Seven different wooden rhythm instrumentsChildrens Songs #1M363 $6.00 (from claves and castanets to jingle sticks and aChildrens Songs #2M365 6.00 tambourine) produce wonderful tones when tapped,Folk Tunes M3676.00 shaken, clicked, or rubbed. Conveniently packagedChristmas Songs M369 6.00 in a clear zippered backpack (9" x 13"; 3" deep). Carrying Case (shown online) M386 $14.95 Instruments may vary. Ages 3+.!Sounds Like Wind Chimes Backpack Band M228 $49.95An ideal introduction to musical expression for young children! Precision-tuned to a pentatonic scale (D, E, G, A, B), each note of this easy-to-play instrument forms a pleasant chord when struck simultaneously with any other note. A light touch is all thats needed! Comes with 2 rubber-headed mallets, a wooden base, 8 aluminum tubes, and a song sheet with 8 simple songs. 20" x 12" overall. Ages 4+.Pipedream M155 $86.95Find many more INSTRUMENTS online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM888-513-3998 25'