b'OUTDOOR EXPLORATIONNEW!Take a Closer Look!A B These real binoculars will give your budding naturalist or astronomer a satisfying experience. Excellent for exploring nature, birdwatching, and moon observation. 8X magnification and 21mm aperture. Adjustable and easy-to-focus. Includes cleaning cloth, case, and small birdwatching guide. 2" x 3". Ages 4+. A. BinocularsSC56 $28.95MicroBrite Pocket MicroscopeExamine the natural world up close! Remove the scope from the base, set it flush against leaves, bark, money, stamps, etc., and zoom in. This LED-lit pocket microscope features a 2040X magnification and two focus knobs for a clear, bright image. Comes with two blank specimen slides, a stand, and batteries. Sturdy plastic body. 2" x 4". Ages 5+.!B. MicroBrite SC639$15.95Magnify Two Ways!The ingenious design of this plastic microscope allows top and bottom magnified viewing. Remove the top piece and place an object insidea rock, flower, or A maybe even a bug. View the object through the 6X magnifier on top. Then, view the underside through the 4X magnifier on the front, which reflects the object in a mirror. 7" x 5"; 4" high. Ages 5+.C. Two-Way Microscope SC956 $14.95Observe from8Xabove & below!magnification!CCatch & Release!FAVORITE!This clever device turns each beetle or bee into a catch-and-release entomology encounter! Open the viewing box by sliding the button upwards. Then, lower the box over the insect, closing the D box slowly. Clear sides allow light into the viewing NEW!Hands-Free Illumination box. 5X magnification. 2" x 2" acrylic view box; Children will have a hard time waiting for dark to8" plastic handle. Ages 5+. use this rugged head lamp. Features 4 LED lightD. Bug Catcher SC525 $12.95modes including a red light (shown) to read byClever catcher allowswhen stargazing. Beam angle adjusts to a varietyclose-ups of tiny creatures.of positions. Comfortable, adjustable, elastic strap stays put. Head lamp is 2" x 1". Needs3 AA batteries (not included). This is a real head lamp and not a toy. Ages 4+.!Adventurers LED Head Lamp SC939 $10.9534 forsmallhands.com'