b'I Can Pour My Own Juice! A This best-seller is the FAVORITE! perfect size pitcher.Highly recommended by Montessori teachers for use at home. Children can serve themselves with this child-size, see-through pitcher. Features an easy-to-turn, pour-through lid, easy-grasp handle,I CAN and nearly dripless spout. Dishwasher safe.16 oz.; 3" base x 6" high. Ages 3+. SERVE A. Glass Pitcher with Lid G274 $10.95 MYSELF with this pitcher.B, CReal tools for real work!6-piece setsGlass Juice GlassesFAVORITE!From kitchen to table, children love to help prepare,Sets of 6 Pieces serve, and eat a meal with family or friends. Build confidence and independence by offering these thick, durable glasses. The faceted sides and flared shape help children keep their grip,D H-Jthus minimizing mishaps. Dishwasher-safe. The First Glass is perfect for the smallest hands. Approximately 2 oz. Ages 12 years. The Durable Juice Glass holds 7 oz. overall. Ages 3+.B. First Glass Set 1" base; 2" highD513 $10.95 C. Durable Juice Glass Set2" base; 3" high D510 19.95MannersTeaching manners to children is a delicate process and this book will help! Presented with good humor, it delivers page after page of playful vignettes covering all the essentialsgreetings, table manners, interrupting, and much more. Share a page or two at a time with your children. The illustrations show children modeling how to behaveand how not to behave! Paperback,32 pages. Ages 5+. E Flatware for ChildrenFAVORITE!D. Manners R135 $7.95 The perfect size and weight, these place settings have the look and feel of real flatwarebecause they are! A great shower gift, the Baby/Toddler NEW!Serve, Sort, Stack! Set includes a feeding spoon (5") for infants This cleverly designed set of colorful plasticand the toddler fork and spoon. The Toddler Set trays nests together neatly for storage.includes a spoon and fork to help the youngest They are the perfect sizeusechild manage the tricky new challenge of eating to serve a snack, hold anwith tools. Blunt tines; each is 5" long. Ages 13 art project, sort puzzleyears. The Childrens Set includes a fork (5"), pieces, and more.knife (6"), and spoon (5") for children ages Includes 6 trays36. All are dishwasher-safe, hammered(7" sq. x "stainless steel.deep) with roundedH. Baby/Toddler Flatware SetD413$13.50 corners and 1 lid that will fit on anyI. Toddler Flatware Set D410 9.95 of the trays. Assorted colors. 6 trays + 1 lid J. Childrens Flatware SetD41516.00E. Stackable Sorting Tray Set T228$22.95More items for LUNCH & SNACK online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 9'