b'FOR THE YOUNGEST CHILDPower Up ImaginationA, B C Watch children\'s creativity take flight as they play with these charming wooden vehicles. Each hand-powered vehicle is seamlessly crafted with smooth edges and fully functional wheels that fuel both fine motor skills and budding imaginations. Approx. 5" x 3" each. Ages 10 months2 years.A. Little Copter V228 $9.95Side 1: Individual shapes B. Little PlaneV2299.95Two Puzzles in OneIntroduce children to shapes and colors with this two-sided wooden puzzle. One side features cutouts for individual shapes, while the other encourages children to combine pieces in simple Side 2: Simple puzzle puzzles. 6 wooden pieces and double-sided board (11" x 4"). Ages 13.D E C. Geometry Puzzle Y664 $9.95Rainbow ToysThe Rainbow Ring Clutching Toy features a pliable ring of rainbow colored, beechwood beads threaded on an elastic cord, two plastic rings circle it. It produces a pleasant sound when shaken. The Roller Rattle can be rolled or shaken and the wooden ball makes a lovely wood-on-wood sound. Ages 6 months+. D. Rainbow Ring Clutching Toy 3"Y890$14.95 E. Roller Rattle 2" x 2" dia.FH f or small hands. Y21414.95 ect erfPShake Things Up!Give them a shake and youll hear these beautiful wooden animals make lovely, soft rhythmic sounds, much like a maraca. With smooth edges all around, theyre perfect rattles for babies. A classic, heirloom Preschoolers can use these shakers as fun rhythmChoose toy to be enjoyed instruments. Each is 1" thick. Ages 1+.F. Bird 4" x 2"M456 $8.95 4 or 8for years to come!G. Whale 4" x 2"M457 8.95cars! H. NEW! Llama 2" x 4" M4588.95 Watch Them Go!FAVORITE!Children will send these racers zipping and flipping down the ramps over and over again! These hypnotic flip-flopping racers appeal to ears, eyes, and hands. Add extra cars and its twice as much fun. All wood, with a ramp frame (11" x 9") and sturdy race cars (1" wide x 1" long). Ages 1-4. Junior Ramp Racer Deluxe with 8 carsV96$35.00 Junior Ramp Racer with 4 carsV95 31.95 Set of 4 Cars onlyV974.9520 forsmallhands.com'