b'7 feetlong!Yoga Pretzels Card Deck50 FunOld-School Jumping Jump for Joy!Yoga Activities for Kids & Grownups Jump ropes combine fitness and play, makingChildren experience the power of cause and Pick a card and discover imaginative ways to startthem ideal for helping children build staminaeffect when they jump on the board and the children bending, breathing, and stretching. Yogaand coordination while having fun. The plasticbeanbag flies in the air. A fun twist on the game develops strength and flexibility, helps improvebeads strung along the heavy-duty nylon cordof catchplus a real-world lesson in physics, concentration, and builds self-esteem. Step-by-stepprovide weight and create a smooth swing andtrajectories, and taking turns. Play individually or illustrations show a pose on one side of the card, withsatisfying swish. Adjust the length by movingwith friends, indoors or out. Includes plastic board instructions on the other. Try individual or partnerthe knot in the cord. 7 feet long. Ages 4+. (28" x 5") and 2 beanbags (2" sq.); color may poses, or group games, such as Yoga Pretzels.Rainbow Jump Rope E48$5.95vary. Ages 38.! Includes booklet and 50 cards. Ages 4+. Black-and-White Jump Rope E495.95 Joey Jump E12$32.00Yoga Pretzels Card Deck E302 $16.95Foxtail SoftieSpin, throw, and catch! This soft foam ballFunwith colorful nylon tail will soar up to 30A for theyards! As easy to throw as it is to catch,whole family!its a gentle option for playing catch with younger children. Game instructions included. 3" dia. ball with approximately 3-foot tail. Assorted colors. Ages 3+.BA. Foxtail Softie E18$17.95It\'s a bird! It\'s a plane Bean Bag Basket TossLet the fun begin! This indoor/outdoor It soars 30 yards.tossing game is fun for a variety of ages and abilities. An irresistible activity, it can be played in a variety of ways, both individually or with teams. The plastic baskets attach to the extendable, vertical Play alone orpost; baskets are 5"6" dia. Includes 6 bean with friends! bags (3" sq.), basket tower with base (that can be weighted), and instructions for assembly C and play. Ages 3+.! B. Basket Toss Tree E128 $39.95Ring TossA perennial favorite, ring toss is a game the whole family can enjoy in the house or yard, or at the park. Young children will improve their hand-eye coordination as they play. Older children can keep score. Easy assembly. Set includes wooden base (19" sq.) and 5 nylon rope rings (5" dia.). Ages 5+.! C. Ring Toss E130 $23.95 888-513-3998 Find more ways to GET MOVING online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 51'