b'It\'s a bird! It\'s a plane Foxtail SoftieIt soars 30 yards.Spin, throw, and catch! This soft foam ball with colorful nylon tail will soar up to 30 yards! As easy to throw as it is to catch, its a gentle option for playing catch with younger children. Game instructions included. 3" dia. ball with approximately 3-foot tail. Assorted colors. Ages 3+. Foxtail Softie E18 $14.95Indoor & outdoorflying fun!Yoga Pretzels Card Deck MayaFlya50 Fun Yoga Activities for Kids & Grownups Fold it into a pocket, stuff it in a book Pick a card and discover imaginative ways to start childrenbagthen pull it out and send it sailing! bending, breathing, and stretching. Yoga develops strengthThe soft, true-flying, 100% cotton frisbee and flexibility, helps improve concentration, and builds self- is a perfect indoor/outdoor alternative to esteem. Step-by-step illustrations show a pose on one sidehard plastic flying discs. Hand-crocheted in of the card, with instructions on the other. Try individualGuatemala by artisans incorporating Mayan or partner poses, or group games, such as Yoga Pretzels.motifs. Fair Trade importer. 7" dia. Assorted Includes booklet and 50 cards. Ages 4+. colors and patterns. Ages 3+. Yoga Pretzels Card Deck E302 $14.95 MayaFlya Each E111 $17.95Play is the best form of physical activity. Items like TWO SIZES!EzyRollerthese will keep children active, indoors and out.The Ultimate Riding MachineSo easy to move, so fun to ride, this is what ride-on toys were meant to be! Children immediately catch on to the right/left/right leg movements that power this sleek vehicle. Infinitely maneuverable, with non-marking polyurethane wheels and a strong hand brake mounted to a sturdy, tubular steel frame that extends as your child grows. Easy assembly. The Mini adjusts from 19" to 23" for children ages 25/100 lbs. The Classic adjusts from 28" to 39" and is for ages 414+/150 lbs. Riders need to wear protective headgear. A. EzyRoller Mini BlueE202$ 89.95 B. EzyRoller Classic RedE204 109.95A BMini: Ages 25/100 lbs.How Fast Can You Go?FAVORITE!Help young children understand the passage of time! Functional and easy to use, this large-scale, digital stopwatch has a green go button, a red stop button, and a yellow clear button. Displays 1/100 second, one second, and one minute units. Rugged, plastic housing (3" dia.) with a 17" nylon breakaway cord. Battery included. Assorted colors. Ages 4+.Simple Stopwatch SC36 $11.95 Classic:Ages 414+/150 lbs.Find more fun GAMES & ACTIVITIES online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 51'