b'FUN FINDS! | BIG MACHINESWrite-on, wipe-off reusable cards!30 sequential puzzles!Woven Card HolderFAVORITE! Mighty MindFAVORITE! Draw & DoodleHelp children independently manage thoseChildren will count, sort, and problem-solve as theyFilled with inventive suggestions to encourage slippery cards with this woven holder. Thefind and match shapes and then discover the wayimagination, these decks offer an open-ended flexible, two-piece construction holdsthey go together to make designs and pictures.invitation to be creative. The clever write-on/wipe-cards securely without damagingThe set of 30 increasingly challenging puzzleoff cards can be used again and again. Great for at them. Cards slide in and out easilycards (7" x 5") gently guides children to success.home or on-the-go. Includes wipe-off pen and 50 between the two pieces. Yarn is handIncludes 32 colored plastic design tiles ("-1") in 6sturdy two-sided cards (3" x 6"). Ages 4+.!stitched on plastic canvas. Assortedgeometric shapes. Ages 38.! NEW! Animal Doodles A252$9.95 colors. 3" dia. Ages 2+. Mighty Mind Y306 $19.95 100 Things for Little Children to Do on a TripWoven Card Holder Each Y663 $5.95(shown online) A2009.95155activities!30 cards + 200 plastic pieces!233activities!NEW!Unplugged Play These well-organized books are packed withMaking Art is a Snap!activities, games, songs, and projects. Each resourceCreate fun shapes, designs, animals, and more includes ideas for indoor and outdoor play, as wellwith snap together (and apart) plastic pieces. as solo, parent/child, and group play. The ToddlerThe resulting joints are movable, allowing edition includes 155 activities for 1-2 year-olds, andfor more creativity. Sequential pattern cards the Preschool edition has 233 ideas for ages 3-5.inspire creative thinking, problem solving, and Most of the activities use common household items.storytelling. Includes 200 colorful pieces in Extensive index. Paperback. 10 sizes, 30 double-sided cards, and reusable Toddler (218 pages)R294 $12.95storage box. Ages 3+.!Preschool (282 pages)R29512.95 Junior GeoStix Y224 $36.9548 forsmallhands.com'