b'A BCompact Brush & DustpanThis high-quality brush will capture fine dustNests for and crumbs. Just press down on the handle-lessstorage!dustpan and sweep. The brush (7" overall) nests inside the dustpan (6" x 5"). Ages 4+. A. Compact Brush & Dustpan Q73 $9.95Get Swept Away!FAVORITE!Perfect for tabletop crumbing after a snack or a meal. A magnet holds the wood-handled brush to the stainless steel dustpan (5" x 5"). Ages 3+.!B. Small Crumb SetQ12 $9.95A Natural ChoiceChildren will love cleaning in corners, around windows, or under shelves with this handy duster.C DLambswool, with its natural lanolin content, attractsExtends to 29"dust and holds onto it. 9" long overall. Ages 3+.C. Lambswool Duster Q70 $4.75 Dust High & Low!Remove dust from even the most hard-to-reach places with this unique tool. The telescoping handle extends from 10" to 29". The bendable head (5") accommodates everything from crown molding to baseboards. The removable microfiber cover is machine washable. Assorted colors. Ages 4+, with adult supervision.Real lambswool;D. Extendable Duster Each Q85 $4.95 each piece is unique.E FLet Me Help!Sure to delight, this dual-brush sweeper is a real toolnot a toy! Three-section handle adjusts from 26" to 41" for growing children (add sections as children grow). Works on hardwood, carpet, and other floor types. Four corner brushes clean along edges and into hard-to-reach places. Folds flat to reach under furniture. Bottom flaps flip open for easy emptying. NEW!Angle Brush & Dustpan No power cord, bags, or noise! This full-size plastic set is ideal for big jobsParts made of 100% recycled indoors and out. The soft rubber lip on theplastic. Ages 3+.dustpan sits flat on the floor for maximumNatural Sweep Carpet Sweeper pickup. The high back will catch enthusiastic Q86$42.00sweepings. Soft grip brush has a pointed head and angled bristles to get into corners. Brush (10" long) nestles snugly into dustpan (9" wide) for storage. Ages 4+. Quiet E. Angle Brush & DustpanQ79$11.50cleaning!A Clean SweepMade of stiff rattan and corn fiber on a lacquered wooden handle this broom is perfectly child-size. 8" wide head; 40" long overall. Ages 3-7.F. Childrens Corn Broom Q25$10.95! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDSmall parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.More indoor & outdoor CLEAN-UP online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 13'