b'NEW!Astronaut Ice CreamSandwiches A, B CAlas! Though invented for the NASA Mercury Missions, these treats never made it into space. They\'re still delicious, however, right here on Earth! A wedge of freeze-dried Neapolitan or Vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between two chocolatey wafer cookies. Crunchy, yet creamy, it melts in your mouth. No freezer needed.Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Sandwich A. NeapolitanD101$5.95B. VanillaD1005.95A Global PerspectiveA great investment for the family, this globe will endure the inquisitiveness of geographers of all ages for years to come. The raised-relief shows more than 4,000 place names and boundary markings, and the gyromatic mounting swings up or down to bring any area into closer view. Mounted on a die-cast metal base. 15" wide overall; 17" high. Pair with the Beginner\'s C. 12" World Globe C208 $86.95World Atlas, p. 49.Give children the big picturefrom our place on Earth to our place in the Universe!NEW!Animals in the SkyAn intriguing introduction to constellations for young stargazers! Read the clues, look at the shape made by connecting the stars, and guess the animal constellations. Foldout pages reveal seven featured constellations: Big Bear, Lion, Rabbit, Southern Fish, Big Dog, Eagle, and Wolf. Pair this book with a star chart to then locate them in the night sky. Board book, 32 pages.D EAges 2-4.D. Animals in the Sky C358 $12.95 Pocket Star FinderGuide to the Northern SkyRotate the blue wheel to align the clear skyFdome window with the month. Through the window, the uncluttered star chart shows the major constellations of the northern sky. Durable and weatherproof, ideal for travel. Comes with a night-vision flashlight filter. 5" dia. Ages 5+ with adult assistance. Ages 8+ independently.E. Pocket Star Finder EM31 $8.95Travel TelescopeOnce your child views the wonders of the cosmosA gift for the through a real telescope, our guess is your familywhole family! will enjoy all manner of astronomical outings. ThisIncludesquality telescope is perfect for observation of thetelescope,night sky, as well as for viewing wildlife duringadjustable the day. The telescope has a 400mm focal length,tripod, padded a 70mm dia. aperture, and two coated-glassbackpack, and optical eyepieces (20X and 40X magnification).astronomyFull-size, aluminum tripod adjusts from 14" tosoftware CD.43". A family activity for all ages; can be used independently from ages 13+. F. Travel Telescope EM29 $125.00More EARTH & SKY online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 37'