b'Sleep by the Light of the Moon A, B COr, enjoy an astronauts view of Earth as you slip off to dreamland. These photographic representations glow with a flip of the switch. Bulbs included. Flat plastic. 3" dia. image. 4" overall.A. Moon Night LightC631$5.95 B. Earth Night LightC632 5.95Earth PuzzleSee Earth the way astronauts dofrom space! Heres a hands-on geography lesson for the youngest learners. Piecing together the sturdy wooden pieces will take a bit of thought because so much of Earth is covered by blue ocean. With 12 wooden pieces, the finished puzzle measures 11" across. Includes muslin drawstring storage bag. Ages 3+.C. Earth Puzzle C215 $16.9512 piecesNEW!Constellations for KidsAn Easy Guide to Discovering the Stars D Find 25 constellations! EDiscover the ancient art of stargazing. Organized by season, this book features 25 constellations (like Orion, Scorpius, and Cassiopeia), and includes easy-to-read sky maps, legends, and guidance about where to look in the night sky. Written by an inspiring astronomy professor. Includes glossary. Paperback, 84 pages. Ages 6+.D. Constellations for Kids C338 $9.95 The Kids Book of the Night Sky Official Book of SkywatchingPlay a game of "Night Sky I Spy," make constellation candles, read a traditional Cochiti star story memorable family activities, fascinating science,and evocative cultural history fill this book. Includes index and glossary. Paperback, 144 pages. Activities for the whole family.E. The Kid\'s Book of the Night Sky C312 $16.95 A gift for the whole family! Includes telescope, adjustable Travel Telescope F tripod, padded backpack, Once your child views the wonders of the cosmosand astronomy software CD.through a real telescope, our guess is your family will enjoy all manner of astronomical outings. This quality telescope is perfect for observation of the night sky, as well as for viewing wildlife during the day. The telescope has a 400mm focal length, a 70mm dia. aperture, and two coated-glass optical eyepieces (20X and 40X magnification). Full-size, aluminum Dry tripod adjusts from 14" to 43". A family activity for all ages; can be used independently from ages 13+. GF. Travel Telescope EM29 $99.95Pocket Star FinderGuide to the Northern SkyRotate the blue wheel to align the clear sky dome window with the month. Through the window, the uncluttered star chart shows the major constellations of the northern sky. Durable and weatherproof, ideal for travel. Comes with a night-vision flashlight filter. 5" dia. Ages 5+ with adult assistance. Ages 8+ independently.G. Pocket Star Finder EM31 $6.95More EARTH & SKY online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 37'