b'TOOLS | WOODWORKINGBuild skills, then real projects!Bolt Block How a House is Built NEW!Five Tools in One!Young children can turn the six big, chunkyChildren are enthralled by construction sites andThere\'s more (much more) to this metal hammer than wooden bolts with fingers or with the jumboeager to understand what is actually happening. meets the eye. Unscrew the head from the base, andwooden screwdriver. Bolts turn smoothly in anyHere the entire process is clearly illustrated, andyou\'ll discover four more tools nested inside one threaded hole. Children can also match bolts tothe building specialists, tools, machines, and partsanothertwo flathead and two Phillips headholes by color. This simple manipulative refinesof the house are shown and named. Paperback,screwdrivers. Screwdrivers range from 6" to just 1" long. hand-eye coordination and enhances fine-motor30 pages. Ages 48.Discovery is half the fun. 7" long x 2" wide overall.and color-matching skills. 1" sq. x 6". Ages 25. How a House is Built V90 $7.95Handy Hammer V492 $10.95Bolt Block V92 $15.00A Safety First!FAVORITE!Essential eye protection for childrenWhen sawing, drilling, or hammering, young carpenters should wear eye protection designed for small faces. Children can put these on just like eyeglasses. Wrap-around, scratch-resistant lenses. Adjustable over-the-ear pieces. 4" x 2". Ages 312.A. Safety Glasses V513 $5.95BWoodshop for Kids Dress Like a Real Carpenter52 Woodworking Projects Kids Can Build FAVORITE!Everything you need to know to get childrenThis sturdily crafted, leather Tool Belt (5" x using real tools to complete real projects. Written5") is sure to be a hit with your young helper. by a master woodworker, this step-by-step guideAdjustable belt is 30" long; pouch includes presents tool and shop vocabulary, the skillsa hammer loop and two pockets. Superior needed for each project, and tips for workingworkmanship! Ages 48.safely and successfully with children. Simple toB. Child\'s Leather Tool BeltV505 $24.95quite complex projects. Paperback, 201 pages. Projects for ages 412.Woodshop for Kids V490 $21.95 Made in the USA of real leather.14 forsmallhands.com'