b'TOOLS | WOODWORKINGTap & TackHammering ShapesFAVORITE! By hammering small nails through holes in pre-drilled wooden tiles, children can create designs and images. Then they can remove the tiles and reposition them to create anew. This open-ended activity encourages fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity. 100 tiles, nails, wooden mallet (6" long), corkboard (11" x 8"), and design suggestions. Ages 4+.!See p. 2.Tap & Tack V546 $25.95Bolt BlockYoung children can turn the six big, chunky wooden bolts with fingers or with the jumbo wooden screwdriver. Bolts turn smoothly in any threaded hole. Children can also match bolts to holes by color. This simple manipulative refines hand-eye coordination and enhances fine-motor and color-matching skills. 1" sq. x 6". Ages 25.Bolt Block V92 $15.00Hammer a nail, measure some wood, drill a hole! Little builders will put these real, child-size tools to work.Build Skills & Real Projects!Pull it out, roll it back. 33 feet of fun.FAVORITE!Perfect for little carpenters, this set is sure A to be a hit. The sturdily crafted, leather Tool Belt (5" x 5") is adjustable to 30" long. The Hammer (9" long) nestles snuggly in the hammer loop. Adjustable Safety Glasses complete the set. Ages 48. See p. 2.Young Carpenters Set V535 $35.95 Tool Belt only V505 23.95BMeasuring Up!Pull these tapes out to measure and then wind them back up again. The coated-fiberglass Wind-Up Tape Measure is ideal for measuring large distances (10-meters/33-feet). It shows inches on one side and centimeters on the other. Rugged plastic case (4" dia.), metal crank handle. Ages 4+. After pulling out the 24" cloth tape, turn the knob on the Wooden Measuring Tape to wind it up again. Marked in " increments. Case is 3" x 2". Ages 3-4.A. Wind-Up Tape MeasureV69 $13.95B. Wooden Measuring Tape V077.95 14 forsmallhands.com'