b'350 vinyl pieces to design with.The Original Colorforms SetRoll Up Cool Coils & CurlsFAVORITE! Children will learn about the ancient art of Children will be delighted with the variety ofquilling by transforming rolled strips of paper pictures and patterns theyll be able to createinto decorative designs. This kit will enable with this classic, reusable art material. The stick- children to create gift-worthy cards while on, vinyl geometric shapes adhere to any glossybuilding fine motor skills. Includes 8 cards (4" x 6"), surface and peel off without leaving a trace.quilling tool (4"), template (4"), paper strips, wiggly Design on windows, mirrors, and, of course, theeyes, and instruction booklet. Age 5+ with assistance. reversible design board (14" x 11"). Travels well;My First Quilling Art A258$17.95the spiral-bound storage binder (12" x 14") holdsSet of 3 Quilling Tools (shown online)A2607.95all 350 pieces. Ages 3+.! 180 Strips of Quilling Paper (shown online) The Original Colorforms Set A302 $32.95A259 3.95Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.Pablo PicassoUnlimited creative pot Create Intricate Designs Aential ! These classic design toys use plastic wheels and fine motor skills to encourage creativity. Each set comes in a case with built-in work surface, a My First Origami Kit supply of paper, and a design booklet.Create animals, toys, and flying objects, eachSpirograph Jr. was created for young children from a single piece of paper! With projectsand has jumbo pieces and a special frame tofrom relatively easy to quite challenging, thehold the paper and gear ring in place. Includesstep-by-step instructions encourage success.5 washable markers. 10" x 7". Ages 3+.!Origami is a creative way to develop patience,Loved by generations of children, Spirograph hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. 60Deluxe was created in 1965. This set is almost the double-sided sheets of paper (6" sq.), 20 projectsameonly better. Now theres a special putty to ideas, and 150+ stickers. Ages 6+, younger withhold the pieces in place. Most standard pens work assistance. with the pieces (3 pens are included). 13" x 12". My First Origami Kit A354 $14.95 Ages 8+.! A. Spirograph Jr. A167 $26.95 ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDB. Spirograph DeluxeA166 26.95 B Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.More open-ended ARTS & CRAFTS online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 47'