b'HANDS-ON SCIENCEA Magnetic Match Rings BWatch the magnets float (repel) or connect (attract). After selecting one of 40 pattern challenges, children try to recreate it. As they experiment, they develop visual matching skills and improve eye-hand coordination. Includes stand (6" high), 10 magnets (1" dia.), and 20 double-sided challenge cards (2" x 6"). Ages 3+.!A. Magnetic Match Rings SC276 $14.95Electricity & MagneticCombination KitFAVORITE!With snap-together pieces and step-by-step diagrams, each activity in this innovative kit prepares children for the next. Soon children will have the knowledge to begin creating their own circuit designs that really work. Lots of room for trial and error! Includes all components required C to create basic battery- or hand-powered electric circuitseven the batteries and hand-crank generator. 42-page booklet of instructions and theory. Ages 8+, younger with adult assistance.!B. Electricity & Magnetic Combination Kit EM502 $39.95 Color Mixing PaddlesCan you make orange, green, or purple? Childrens eyes will light up as they overlap the primary-colored paddles, hold them up to a Yellowlight source, and create secondary colors. This +hands-on tool includes 6 transparent, plastic,Light up a light, run a bluecolor paddles (5" long), and activities forfan, or create sound!=introducing color theory. Ages 4+. green!C. Color Mixing Paddles Y35 $9.95D E50 Science Things to Make & DoMake A Human Circuit!FAVORITE! Experience science in action when you touch A perfect format for inquisitive children, theseboth ends of the tubethe flashing colored science activities break complex ideas intolights and sounds let you know youve easily understood, digestible experiments.made a connection. One person can do Try Make a Wormery (natural science), Milkthis using two hands, or you can make Shapes (chemistry), Surface Tension (physics),a circle of friends holding hands. This Pinhole Projector (light), and more. Step-by- is simple, hands-on science that step instructions and brief explanations. Mostmakes abstract concepts concrete. experiments use common household materials.Safe, durable plastic tube stays cool Spiral-bound hardcover, 104 pages. Ages 6+,to the touch. Includes instructions and younger with adult assistance. information. 7" long. Ages 4+.!D. 50 Science Things to Make & Do SC303 $9.95 E. Energy Stick EM503 $10.9538 forsmallhands.com'