b'VEHICLES & CONSTRUCTION48-piece floor puzzle + 3 vehiclesNEW!Puzzle & PlayConstruction SiteTwo fun activities in one! First children can build the 48-piece, construction scene floor puzzle (36" x 26"). Then they can move the 3 wooden construction vehicles around the scene. The vehicles all have working wheels. Children will enjoy adding theirown cars and vehicles to the scene. Ages 3+.Puzzle & PlayV122$22.95Let Imaginations FlyWatch children\'s creativity take flight as they playA,B Cwith these charming wooden vehicles. Each hand- For the youngest chilpowered vehicle is seamlessly crafted with smoothd redges and fully functional wheels that fuel bothenfine motor skills and budding imaginations. Approx. .5" x 3" each. Ages 10 months2 years.A. Little PlaneV229$10.95B. Little Copter V228 10.95DNEW!A Truckload of Stickers! NEW!Stack & Play! From classic and monster trucks to big rigs andChildren will love this set of ten playful stacking construction vehicles, this book is packed with blocks. Each side offers a different activityitems 400 photo-realistic stickers of trucks, road signs,to count, vehicles to name, and a road that curves tools, tires, and more! These die-cut, peel-and- from top to bottom (a great control). Each sturdy place stickers can be lifted and repositionedidealpaperboard block is open on one side so the 10 for collage or other art projects. The inside coverscubes can be nestedtogether. Blocks vary from have glossy backgrounds where original sticker2" to 6". Tower stacks to 39" high. Includes storage scenes can be created. Paperback, 12 pages. Agesbox with carrying handle. Ages 6 months +.3+, young children may need help removing theC. Things That Go123 Vehicle Stacking Blocksstickers.! V123$20.00D. Trucks Reusable Stickers V124 $6.95All 4 sides!26 forsmallhands.com More VEHICLES & CONSTRUCTION online.'