b'YARD & GARDENFun flapsto open!Plant & Tend NEW!One Little SeedNEW!The Gardener\'s FriendThese real tools for budding gardenersExploring Nature for Curious Kids Take the guesswork out of planting. Use these clever are crafted especially for children. WithBursting with vibrant collage-style art, thiswooden tools for perfect seed spacing every time. sturdy metal heads and high-quality woodfact-filled, interactive book encouragesSpace the seeds with the drilled ruler (12") and then handles, they are perfect for turning soilexploration. Learn about seeds and theiruse the dibber (4") to poke holes in the soil to the and digging holes. The rubber-coatedpurpose, flowers, beneficial bugs and insects,proper depth. Sowing seeds has never been so easy! gloves will protect tender hands whenpollination, fruits, vegetables, planting, andThe double-sided ruler is marked with inches and weeding. Includes spade and scoopmore. Each page has flaps to lift with detailedcentimeters and has measurement guidelines for shovels (8"), rake (6"), gloves (5"),information or activities to try. Board book, planting various vegetables. (Seeds not included.) and drawstring storage bag. Ages 5+.! 14 pages. Ages 2-5. Ages 4+, with adult assistance. Lil Gardener Tool Set SC403$16.50 One Little Seed SC188$12.95 Seeding Ruler & Dibber SC307$10.95Children love to help in the garden. Choose the right tools for their small hands and watch the garden grow.Elementary Garden Tools Primary Garden ToolsAges 6+Ages 35The shovel, hoe, and garden rake in this setThe proper size tools make planting and feature sturdy, steel heads mounted on 42"maintaining a garden easy and enjoyable for hardwood handles. These tools are morechildren. These lightweight tools are intended heavy-duty than the Primary set and comefor the youngest gardeners only. Steel heads are with a lifetime guarantee. Colors may vary.mounted on 30" hardwood handles. IncludesSee p. 2. leaf rake, hoe, shovel, and garden rake. Colors A. Elementary Shovel SC620 $18.50 may vary. See p. 2.B. Elementary Hoe SC622 18.50 D. Metal Leaf Rake 37" overallSC616$10.50C. Garden Rake SC624 18.50 E. Hoe 33" overall SC612 10.50Elementary Garden Tool Set (A-C) F. Shovel 36" overall SC610 10.50SC698 55.50G. Garden Rake 31" overall SC614 10.50 Primary Garden Tool Set (D-G)SC618 42.00AC For ages 6+. D-G For ages 35.42" handles. 30" handles.Thesesets areFAVORITES!Real toolsfor realwork.16 forsmallhands.com 888-513-3998'