b'CREATIVE ARTSStory/Drawing BookA BFAVORITE!We all know how important it is to have a place to express ourselves. Children can draw or color in the blank space, then write a story or describe a feeling on the 4 lines below. Young children can dictate to someone older. Spiral-bound stiff cardboard cover, 30 pages (8" x 11"). Ages 2+.A. Story/Drawing Book A415 $7.50Magical Markers One end of the marker colors, the Who knew erasing could be so much fun? Theseother erases." dual-tipped markers feature a colored chisel tip on one end and a pointed eraser tip on the other. The30 pageseraser tip creates a white line so you can correct mistakes or add decorative designs. You can even write secret messages! Twelve 6" markers.Ages 4+.! CB. Make No Mistake! Erasable Markers A186 $13.95NEW!Magic StixTriangular-Shaped MarkersThese brilliant collections of washable markers were specifically designed for young children. Marker shape encourages a proper gripplus, they wont roll off the table. Markers last seven days with the cap offguaranteed! Each set comes in a reusable storage case. Choose from 24 Bright Colors or 12 Global Skin Tones. Ages 3+.!C. Bright ColorsA263$9.95 Global Skin Tones (shown p. 49)A2625.95 Bend, Twist, Shape, Create! Open-Ended S.T.E.A.M. Craft Kit Designed to spark creativity whiledeveloping fine motor skills, thissculpture set celebrates the process of making art. Children can create endless designs and patterns with this 200+ piece set. Includes a 10" sq. wooden peg board, 95 fuzzy sticks, 81 beads, and 30 paper straws. Items may vary. Ages 3+.!Fuzzy Stick Sculpture Set A349 $22.00Unlimited creative potential !You Can Draw!FAVORITE!Follow the simple steps in this delightful book and you and your child will discover how to draw a frog, dog, rocket ship, lion, and more! Over 50 animals, plants, vehicles, and other familiar items in all! Each design is broken down into basic shapes and strokes. Each page has room for practicing, or children can use the book as a guide when drawing on separate paper. Paperback,96 pages. Ages 4+. Step-By-Step Drawing Book A168 $9.9546 forsmallhands.com'