b'CREATIVE ARTSOne end of the marker colors, the other erases."NEW!Celebrate Self-ExpressionStory/Drawing BookFAVORITE! Magical MarkersThis set ensures that young artists everywhereWe all know how important it is to have a place toWho knew erasing could be so much fun? These dual-can represent their skin color in art. This 15-pieceexpress ourselves. Children can draw or color in thetipped markers feature a colored chisel tip on one end set includes 6 blendable skin tone colors and 9blank space, then write a story or describe a feelingand a pointed eraser tip on the other. The eraser additional crayons in vibrant colors. The triangularon the 4 lines below. Young children can dictate totip creates a white line so you can correct mistakes shape is easy to grip. Ages 3+. someone older. Spiral-bound stiff cardboard cover,or add decorative designs. You can even write secret World Colors Beeswax Crayons A194 $6.9530 pages (8" x 11"). Ages 2+. messages! Twelve 6" markers. Ages 4+.!Story/Drawing Book A415 $5.95 Make No Mistake! Erasable Markers A186 $12.95 Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remainan artist once we grow up.Pablo PicassoWinner ofmultiple awards, Decorate 8 cardsthis set iswith quilledawesome forpaper art! travel.NEW!Create Cool Coils & Curls The Original Colorforms Set Children will learn about the ancient art of quillingFAVORITE!by transforming rolled strips of paper into decorativeChildren will be delighted with the variety of pictures designs. This kit will enable children to create gift- and patterns theyll be able to create with this classic, worthy cards while building fine motor skills. Includesreusable art material. The stick-on, vinyl geometric 8 cards (4" x 6"), quilling tool (4"), templateshapes adhere to any glossy surface and peel off (4"), paper strips, wiggly eyes, and instructionwithout leaving a trace. Design on windows, mirrors, booklet. Age 5+ with assistance.and, of course, the reversible design board (14" x Go online to find a Set of 3 Quilling Tools (A260, $7.95)11"). Travels well; the spiral-bound storage binder and 180 strips of Quilling Paper (A259, $3.95).! (12" x 14") holds all 350 pieces. Ages 3+.!My First Quilling Art A258 $16.95 The Original Colorforms Set A302 $29.9546 forsmallhands.com'