b'Wonder StixWrite on almost anythingpaper, glass, wood, and more! Similar to a crayon, Wonder Stix adhere to surfaces crayons won\'t. Easy to erase with a damp cloth and washable from all non-porous surfaces. Twist up to use, twist down for storage (no capsto lose). Dust- and odor-free.The Write & Wipe Playmat Kit includes 4 double-sided, reusable, vinyl playmats (17"x 12") and 12 Wonder Stix. Decorate the mats for a meal, doodle or play games on them, or use them as a work surface. So many possibilities. Ages 3+. Write & Wipe Playmat KitA92 $29.95Wonder Stix 12 Pieces only Just add A939.95water!NEW!Paint in the Moment Doodle, draw & write! Erases with damp cloth.Using only water, brush strokes become black as ink when children "paint" on this special canvas. Then, as the water slowly evaporates, the art will magically disappear leaving a clean canvas, ready for a new masterpiece. Inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment, the Buddha Board will last for years with proper care. Includes board (12" x 9"; " thick), bambooDraw, paint, sculpt, create! Unstructured art paintbrush, and clever plastic base that serves as a stand, a brush holder, and a water receptacle. Ages 4+,encourages children to express their individuality.with careful presentation; younger with supervision. Buddha Board A264 $38.95These Crayons Rock!FAVORITE!As well as providing a pleasing artistic experience, these crayons (approx. 1") indirectly strengthen the finger grip needed to control a pencil. Made from renewable soybean wax tinted with mineral powders. Soy wax blends well, much like oil pastels.30 cards + 4 each of 16 colors (64 total) in a cardboard box or200 plastic 1 each of 16 colors in a velvety drawstring bag. Agespieces!3+.!A. Just Rocks in a Box 64 piecesA278 $32.00 B. Crayon Rocks 16 pieces A275 11.95 AMaking Art is a Snap!Create fun shapes, designs, animals, and more with snap together (and apart) plastic pieces. The resulting joints are movable, allowing for more creativity. Sequential pattern cards inspire creative thinking, problem solving, and storytelling. Includes 200 colorful pieces in 10 sizes, 30 double-sided cards, and reusable storage box. Ages 3+.!B Junior GeoStix Y224$38.95More ART MATERIALS online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 45'