b'Features30 Artists!Art Appreciation to Go!You Can Draw!FAVORITE! A Colorful CollectionDiscover where Dalis inspiration came from, howFollow the simple steps in this delightful book and youChildren will love watching the colors blend and many dots are in a Seurat painting, and more. Thisand your child will discover how to draw a frog, dog,change as they draw with these fanciful crayons. collection includes thirty of the world\'s most belovedrocket ship, lion, and more! Over 50 animals, plants,Each piece is crafted in complementary hues and paintings, each from a different famous artist. Studyvehicles, and other familiar items in all! Each designsharpened on both ends for hours of coloring fun. each painting, then turn over the card to learn aboutis broken down into basic shapes and strokes. EachRemove the wrappers to create beautiful rubbings, the artist and their work. Young children will enjoypage has room for practicing, or children can use thetoo. 12 pieces; 5" long. Ages 3+.the pictures; older ones will love the stories of thebook as a guide when drawing on separate paper.Confetti Crayons A179 $10.95paintings and the artists. 30 cards (3" x 6"). Paperback, 96 pages. Ages 4+. Ages 3+.Step-By-Step Drawing Book A168 $9.95Famous Paintings Cards A162 $9.95These Crayons Rock!FAVORITE!As well as providing a pleasing artistic experience, these crayons (approx. 1") indirectly strengthen the fingerAdd water grip needed to control a pencil. Made from renewableto blend like soybean wax tinted with mineral powders. Soy waxwatercolors.blends well, much like oil pastels. 1 each of 16 colors in a velvety drawstring bag, or 4 of each (64 total) in a cardboard box. Ages 3+.!A. Just Rocks in a Box 64 piecesA278 $29.95 B. Crayon Rocks 16 pieces A275 9.95 ASmooth Stix My First Origami KitWatercolor Gel Crayons Create animals, toys, and flying objects, each Transform drawings into dreamy watercolors withfrom a single piece of paper! With projects from these gel-based crayons. Simply sketch, dip therelatively easy to quite challenging, the step-by-step included brush in water, and stroke across the page.instructions encourage success. Origami is a creative B These washable, water-soluble crayons will not dryway to develop patience, hand-eye coordination, and out and require no sharpening thanks to a cleverspatial awareness. 60 double-sided sheets of paper twist mechanism. Ages 3+.! (6" sq.), 20 project ideas, and 150+ stickers. Ages 6+, Basic Set6 pcs. A190$ 5.95younger with assistance.NEW! Deluxe Set24 pcs. My First Origami Kit A354 $14.95 (shown online)A19117.95! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDSmall parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.More ART MATERIALS online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 45'