b'Match & Roll Shape Sorter A BToddlers love matching these simple blocks to the cut-out shapes in the sides of this rolling, wooden sorter (5" dia. x 5" high). After matching all the blocks to the cut-outs and inserting them through the holes, remove the piece in the top to retrieve the blocks and start again. 12 blocks, 2 of each color (about 1"). Ages 15.A. Match & Roll Shape Sorter Y341 $23.95Monkey AroundThe Wiggle & Giggle GameCan you balance a banana on your head? Pretend to climb a tree? This award-winning, easy-to-play, action-packed game gets players moving, balancing, improvising, cooperating, and using their imaginations. Includes 8" polyfleece banana beanbag, 40 cards, and game board. Ages 24. C DB. Monkey AroundE213 $18.95Clever Cat Memory GameSharpen childrens memory skills with this charmingly illustrated animal matching game. The 20 chunky wooden disks (10 pairs) are easier for small hands to grasp and turn over than cardboard tiles. Includes drawstring storage bag. 1" dia. pieces. Ages 1+.C. Clever Cat Memory Game Y857 $22.95Roll & PlayYour Childs First GameToss the color cube, pick a card matching the color shown, and perform the activity: Make a sleepyGreat for mixed ages. Everyone face. Rub your belly. MOO like a cow. The gamewill want to play this award- emphasizes taking turns and helps develop grosswinning game!motor skills. 6 card categories include emotions, counting, body parts, and more. Plush 6" cube and 48 laminated cards (4" sq.). Ages 15.D. Roll & Play Y210 $24.95 EFeed the Hungry Caterpillar FAVORITE!Help the caterpillar (the needle) eat its way through the fruit. Perfect for developing pattern recognition and sequencing skills. Colorful wooden fruit are easy for small hands to grasp and fun to thread. Includes 10 pattern cards (8" x 2"), 16 pieces of wooden fruit, and 2 caterpillar needles with cord. Ages 3+.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. See p. 2. E. Count & Lace Fruit V419 $29.95Shop by AGE online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 23'