b'THROUGH THE SEASONSJust add light and water!Welcome each season!Sunprint KitsFAVORITE! A Rainbow for the Rain NEW!Hello Seasons! Make photographic-type prints using sunshineFAVORITE! Through vivid photography and simple text this (light) and water. First arrange items on theTwo un-pinched thumbs up to this child- exceptional set highlights the quintessential non-toxic, light-sensitive paper. Then expose itfriendly design. Children can slide the easy- aspects of each season. Children will learn to the sun for a few minutes and rinse the paperto-grasp plastic doughnut up or down theabout the changes that occur in plants, animals, in water. As it dries, the print emerges. Sunprintumbrella, with little risk to fingers. Tensionthe landscape, and weather in autumn, winter, Kit has 12 sheets of 4" sq. light-sensitive paper.keeps it open. A generous nylon canopyspring, and summer. Iconic seasonal activities Super Sunprint Kit has 15 sheets of 12" x 8" light- (27" dia.) is securely stitched to flexible ribs.are also highlighted. Includes glossary. Set of 4 sensitive paper. Instructions included. Ages 6+,Metal frame and plastic handle (color maypaperbacks, 32 pages each. Ages 4-8.younger with adult supervision. vary); 22" long. Ages 36. Individual titles available online.Sunprint KitA82$ 6.95 Rainbow Umbrella SC250 $12.50 Hello Seasons! Book SetSC368$31.75Super Sunprint Kit (shown online)A8319.95Create fond memories by sharing activities together. Make leaf rubbings, read a seasonal story, jump in the leaves, or play in the snow.Scoop It Up!FAVORITE!Ah, fresh snow. Having the correct size shovel makes clearing the path or driveway so much easier. 32" long overall, with a broad 12" x 10" plastic scoop. Color and handle may vary. Ages 38. Child-Size Snow Shovel Q40 $9.95I CANDO IT!with aNEW!Snow Magic!perfectlysized tool.Join young children as they celebrate the wonder of their first experience with snow. First snow, surprise snow: Natures sparkly magic show. The cheerful rhyming couplets describe the many aspects of snow, each with their own magic. The lovely cut paper collage illustrations convey the children\'s expressive reactions. Concludes with a list of five snow activities. Board book, 22 pages. Ages 2-6. Snow DaysSC369$10.954 forsmallhands.com'