b'Welcome, Friends! Read, create, play & explore together!As a former Montessori teacher, and a mother, grandmother, and now great-grandmother, I am excited to share with you some of my favorite items for the children in your life. All of our products areWATCH reviewed by Montessori teachers and are guided by Maria Montessoris educational principles. it grow & GROW! The Glass Pitcher with Lid (p. 9), is a quintessentialIn a world full of immediacy and Montessori item that enables young children to instant gratification, the author say I can do it myself and be successful! plants the seed of patience in herFestive Flags (p. 6) and the Rainbow Hoop Streamer playful picture book about the Set (p. 50) are both NEW this year and are so fun.life cycle of a giant pumpkin. TheThe artist in your midst will love the Buddha rewards of letting the pumpkin grow Board (p. 45) or Fuzzy Stick Sculpture Set (p. 46).are HUGE. The young boy in the storyThe Whale Nail Brush (p. 12), Knitting Tower (p. 18), demonstrates independence and and Miniature Music Boxes (p. 24) make perfect perseverance by letting his pumpkin stocking stuffers.continue to grow even though other ReadThe Pop-Up Toy (p. 20) and Junior Ramp Racer people have other ideas for it. aloud(p. 27) always bring smiles and giggles to Hardcover, 32 pages. Ages 3-8.together!young faces.NEW! Let It Grow SC40 $17.95 As children grow, Pattern Play and Jumbo HandSpinning Top (both on p. 29) will continue to fascinate.More gardening on pages 16-17. For the whole family, choose the Travel Telescope(p. 37), Drinking Bird (p. 39), Gratitude Tree(p. 48), or Dynamo Dominoes (p. 54).Whether children are learning to read or justneed a good poem or story, here are a fewstandouts: Miss Rhondas Readers (p. 43), RobertCLEAN UPFrosts classic, Stopping by Woods on a SnowyEvening (p. 5), and Sallie Bee Writes aThank-You Note (p. 48). autumn leaves!Finding something unique and fun for the special childLightweight and sturdy, these in your life can be challenging. Were here to help. clean-up tools are ideal for small hands. The push broom has stiff Thank you for choosing us. Happy Holidays!plastic bristles that get the job done whether sweeping driveways or paths. It\'s also easy to clean. Jane Mills CampbellREADFirst rake,Rake features a strong, flexible, then jump in! plastic head ideal for raking Founder and gathering leaves. Both a seasonal selection! tools have 26" aluminum Camille is determined to rake her own pile ofhandles. Sold only as a set. leaves up to her kneesperfect size for jumpingAges 3-6. Maria Montessori\'sin! Her pile grows bigger and bigger until aNEW! Outdoor Clean-UpSet ideas guide us.giant breeze blows the pile back down to herQ90 $24.95Find out moreankles. But she wont stop until she gets theFind morejob done! A playful introduction to early math on our website. concepts of size comparison and measurement.clean-up items Paperback, 32 pages. Ages 3-6.on pages 12-13.NEW! Leaves to My Knees SC308 $6.95Find more seasonal selections on pages 4-5.HELP YOUR CHILD\'S SCHOOL!Buy $25 or more of merchandise andLook for these symbols throughout our catalog!the school of your choice will receiveAWARD VIDEO CAUTION10% in credit for a future order.Spend $500 or more and the school SpecificSee aAdult discretion and1!WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDSmall parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.will receive 15%.independentproduct orsupervision are necessary!WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD awards are instructionalwhen children are using2 Toy contains a small ball. Not for children under 3 yrs. listed online. video online. items marked with this Want FREE SHIPPING? symbol; items may be3!WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Coordinate and place a Group Orderbreakable and/or have (or Toy contains a marble. Not for children under 3 yrs.(of $500 or more) by October 25 and contain) functional sharpWARNING: Cancer or birth defects get FREE regular shipping (to onepoints and/or sharp edges.www.P65Warnings.ca.govU.S. address). Go online for detailsor see page 30. Shop unique gifts for all ages online!FORSMALLHANDS.COM'