b'Guided Science Readers ASet your young readers on the path to success with this sequential series. The captivating photos will engage children and the simple text will boost their reading confidence. This collection will bring science to life! Each boxed set contains 16 paperback books (8 pages each), a 16-page activity book, and parent tips. Ages 3-6. A. Level AL640 $20.95Level BL64120.95Level C L64220.95Level DL64320.95 All 4 Sets (Levels A-D)L645 $79.50SAVEHands-On LearningFAVORITE!Reinforce early reading and math concepts with a unique approach integrating touch, sight, and sound. The letters and numerals are made of greeting card felt (flocking) which invites children to touch. The Red Letter Alphabet Book shows each letter oppositeMove on to the drawings of everyday objects; comes with a phoneticnext level as pronunciation guide; 56 pages. The Blue Numberskills improve.Counting Book shows the corresponding number of objects to count for each numeral. 12 pages. BothSAVEbooks include suggestions for use. Spiral-bound$5.00cardstock. Ages 26.B, C when you buy B. The Red Letter Alphabet BookL710 $20.00the RED & BLUE C. The Blue Number Counting BookL712 15.00booksRed Letter/Blue Number Set L713 $30.00SAVE together! Sue (character) is a builder. She rides the bus (object) to work at a construction site (setting) .Build-a-Story Cards Miss Rhondas ReadersCommunity Helpers The simple text of these beginning readers will engage Anyone can tell a story! Embark into the storytellingyoung readers and enable them to experience the joy world with cards that inspire action, adventure,of reading a real story! Both sets have mostly phonetic and creativity. Each card includes a color-codedWritten by words along with some consonant blends and sight illustrationa character, object, or settingto helpa Montessori words. Written and classroom tested by a Montessori inspire scenes, story structure, plot, and more. Includesteacher. teacher. Paperback, 8 pages each. Ages 48.36 wordless coated cardstock cards (4" x 5"), alongSet 1 8 titles L600$19.95 with 20+ inspiring storytelling games. For 1 or moreSet 2 8 titles (shown online) L601 19.95 players. Ages 310. Build-a-Story Cards L529 $12.95More EARLY READERS on page 41.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 43'