b'FOOD PREP | SNACK TIMEVegetable ChoppersFAVORITES! AChildren love to use these handy tools to prepAand chop crinkly-cut vegetables. Show children how to press down steadily, keeping fingers safely away from the blade. The Vegetable Chopper with Wooden Handle helps children master the same hand positions theyll use to safely cut with a knife (one hand on the handle and one hand pushing down on the blade). Children push the Wavy Chopper with both hands on top. Hand wash.Ages 4+. See p. 2. BA. Vegetable Chopper 6" long D325 $3.95B. Wavy Chopper 3" x 3" assorted colors D104 3.95 Real tools for real work!Fruit Wedger/CorerThis tool has always fascinated young children; it will core and slice apples or pears in one motion. ThisC, D Eversion features a push plate to push fruit up and out, keeping the blades away from fingers. Young children may need a little help cutting their way through an apple, but the results are well worth it. Raised, comfy rubbery handles. Sturdy plastic frame with stainless steel blades. 7" x 4". Ages 4+. See p. 2.C. Fruit Wedger/Corer D312 $10.50Banana SlicerFAVORITE!The youngest chef can safely help make snacks or fruit salad with this clever plastic tool. It makes fast work ofIncludes cutting firm bananas into perfect pieces. Easy-to-clean,two lid dishwasher safe. 10" long. Ages 2+. sizes!D. Banana Slicer D310 $4.95Mix Nut Butters with No Mess!This ingenious tool not only eliminates the mess associated with mixing natural peanut butters, itF-Hoffers the young child an irresistible food preparation activity! After an adult inserts the mixing rod through the lid and screws it on, children can turn the crank, and watch the layers combine. Pull the rod out to find it spotlessly clean! (Two lid sizes are included to fit different 16 oz. brands). E. Combo Peanut Butter Mixer Pack D110 $15.50Swiss Vegetable PeelerFeaturing an easy-grip handle and a carbon-steel blade, this peeler is very easy to use. Suited for right- or left-handed use. Includes a potato-eye remover on the side. Hand wash. Color may vary. Ages 5+, with adult supervision. 3 color choices!F. WhiteD316 $5.95G. GreenD4255.95H. OrangeD4245.95Kids Nylon Knife SetFAVORITE! 3 piece set. Just the right size! Children can slice bread, cheese,Ivegetables, fruit, and other foods without worry! Safe for children, the plastic knives in this set feature serrated blades, blunt tips, and non-slip grips to make food preparation a little easier. Dishwasher safe. 8", 9", and 10" long. Accent color may vary. Ages 4+.I. Kids Nylon Knife SetD49$9.95 Perfect for Food PrepThis two-tone cutting board is a manageable size for small hands when cutting vegetables or slicing fruit. Hand wash. 8" x 5"; " thick.J. Small Bamboo Cutting Board D349$5.50J8 forsmallhands.com'