b'ANIMALS LARGE & SMALL50 birdpairsGuides for Young Explorers NEW!Perfect for SmallBirds of North AmericaLearn all about birds and bugs and how to spot themSpecimens! 100-Piece Memory Card Gamein the wild. Packed with information, these fun fieldThis clear plastic jar has a lid with twoWarblers, finches, tanagers, and hummingbirds guides encourage children to learn to identify birds2X plastic magnifying lensesone builtare a few of the exuberant stars of this beautiful and bugs (insects & spiders). Content features into the lid and a hinged lens that foldsset. Young children enjoy looking at the pictures activities like building a bird feeder and weaving adown to increase the magnification to 4X.and learning the names of the birds. Older web. Hardcover, 48 pages each, plus stickers, and Observe insects, arachnids, rocks, and more.children can play a matching/memory game and a small plastic magnifier. Ages 4-8. Removable lid can also be used as a handread the bird facts on the included poster. 50 bird Bird Watch Backpack ExplorerSC334$12.95 magnifier. 3" high x 2" dia. Ages 5+. pairs. Recycled cardboard cards (3" sq.). Ages 3+.NEW! Bug Hunt Backpack ExplorerSC332 12.95 Terra Kids Beaker Magnifier SC211 $5.95 Birds of North America SC778 $15.95Connect with nature through observation and activities. Build a bird feeder, observe an insect, or identify an animal track! Put it together & then paint!CreateEasy assembly -no tools required!Build for the BirdsCreate an authentic birdhouse with this all-inclusive kit. Once children have assembled the pre-cut wooden pieces, they can decorate the birdhouse with the included paint. Kit includes9 wooden birdhouse pieces, paint, brushes, glue, and a guide with step-by-step instructions. Also comes with information about common cavity nester birds. Finished house measures 7" x 7"; 5" high. Ages 5+.!Make Your Own Birdhouse Kit SC324 $25.5032 forsmallhands.com'