b'BIRDS | BEES | BUTTERFLIES50 birdpairsIt\'ssquirrel- proof!Birds of North America NEW!Soda Bottle Bird Feeder NEW!Bird WatchBackpack Explorer100-Piece Memory Card Game Build it and they will come! Even better, build it inLearn all about birds, from their fabulous feathers to Warblers, finches, tanagers, and hummingbirds arejust a few minutes with a bottle from your recyclingtheir varied diets. Packed with information, this fun a few of the exuberant stars of this beautiful set.bin. An ingenious, screw-in, weather-resistantfield guide encourages children to learn to identify Young children enjoy looking at the pictures andzinc adaptor outfits any 2-liter plastic bottle withtheir feathered friends. Content features activities like learning the names of the birds. Older children cantwo perches and two small, gravity-fed seed bins.building a bird feeder and making a nest. Hardcover, play a matching/memory game and read the birdHang it where visiting birds can be observed; older48 pages, plus stickers, a bird watch list, and a small facts on the included poster. 50 bird pairs. Recycledchildren can fill the bottle using a funnel. Includesplastic magnifier. Ages 4-8.cardboard cards (3" sq.). Ages 3+. wire for hanging.Bird Watch SC334 $12.95Birds of North America SC778 $14.95 Soda Bottle Bird Feeder SC138 $9.95Connect with nature by watching a bird build a nest, a bee pollinate a flower, or a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis.AssembleEasy assembly - & paint!no tools required!80+ flapsto open!Look Inside Animal HomesIn the trees and underground, along rivers and under the sea, animals make their homes. Lift the 80+ flaps of this engaging picture book to discover a range of ecosystems where animals live. Youll actively learn about creatures from land and sea. Hardcover, 14 thick pages. Ages 3+.Look Inside Animal Homes SC829 $14.95 NEW!Build for the BirdsCreate an authentic birdhouse with this all-inclusive kit. Once children have assembled the pre-cut wooden pieces, they can decorate the birdhouse with the included paint. Kit includes 9 wooden birdhouse pieces, paint, brushes, glue, and a guide with step-by-step instructions. Also comes with information about common cavity nester birds. Finished house measures 7" x 7"; 5" high. Ages 5+.!Make Your Own Birdhouse Kit SC324 $19.9532 forsmallhands.com'