b'TIMELESS TOYSMastering the challenge is the reward.Wooden Food Slicing Set Come Fly with MeFAVORITE! Wooden Cup & Ball TossChildren love hearing the realistic crunch as theyThey soar, they glide, they loop-the-loop! FAVORITE!slice apart the hook-and-loop fastening thatStep-by-step instructions (plus troubleshootingDeceptively simple looking! This classic hand-holds the pieces of food together. Children willtips) for ten different paper airplanes. Patternseye coordination builder is more challenging repeat this activity over and over again! A fun wayare rated for difficulty from quite simple tothan it seems. Beautifully crafted of wood. to prepare for using a real knife. 8 food items tocomplex. Comes with 40 sheets of paper 4" long. Ages 4+.! CHOKING HAZARD (2). cut into 24 pieces, wooden knife, cutting board,(8" x 11"), printed on both sides. Spiral-boundNot for under 3 yrs. See p. 2.and storage crate. Ages 36.! paperback, 128 pages. Ages 7+, younger with Wooden Food Slicing Set D301 $30.95 assistance.Wooden Cup & Ball Toss Y98 $4.95The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes EM40 $16.95Dream It! Build It!FAVORITE!Get down on the floor Everything about these wooden blocks is just and build together!right for the little builder. With various shapes and sizes, and different colors and patterns, these blocks encourage creativity. The 50 blocks come in a convenient storage bucket; blocks range from 1" to 3". Ages 2+.Wooden Blocks Set V78 $27.95Create Animal MosaicsWatch an animal appear before your eyes as you match tiny wooden blocks to a coded grid to create a colorful mosaic. Images emerge, one block at a time. After matching the included patterns, children can then make their own. Includes 250 wooden cubes (") in 9 colors, along with 7 design cards (5 animals and 2 hidden pictures), a key, and a wooden frame (5" sq.). Ages 5+.!Wooden Pixel Animals Y219 $19.957 designs in all!28 forsmallhands.com'