b'THE WORLD OF NUMBERSSoft,velvetynumeralsbeg to be touched.A Tactile Counting Book Tiny Polka Dot"Four kittens have blue ribbons. six flowerpots sitNumber-Loving Learning Fun!on the steps." By touching and counting the soft,Play 16 sequential games that teach counting, flocked pictures for numbers 0-10, children associatemath, and logic! Children can invent their own numbers with their quantities and learn the sequencegames, too!These colorful, polka-dotted cards of numbers. Tracing the large numeral shapes with thehave many levels of play and will grow along fingers is a valuable preparation for writing numbers.with your child. Nurture your childs love of Spiral-bound cardstock, 12 pages. Find the companionmath through play! 66 coated cardstock cards book The Red Letter Alphabet Book (L710) on page 42. (3" dia.). For 16 players. Ages 38. Count Your Chickens! The Blue Number Counting BookL712 $15.00 Tiny Polka Dot MA210 $14.95A Cooperative Board Game for Kids! Count, add, subtract, measure, and more! Hurry! All 40 baby chicks are out and the fox is loose! Picture-based play makes it easy forThese learning activities add up to fun!everyone to participate. Spin the spinner, count the spaces, and move the mother hen. Then return the same number of baby chicks to theNEW!The Coin Counting Booksafety of the coop. Children learn and reinforceLets count our five pennies just one more counting skills. Sturdy cardboard game pieces.time. If we add five more pennies well have For 24 players. Ages 35. !one dime. Bouncy rhymes lead children Count Your Chickens! Y312 $18.50 through basic coin equivalents from the penny to the dollar. Photos of life-size coins are labeled with math equations, in numerals and words. A great way to learn comparative values. Paperback, 30 pages. Ages 58.The Coin Counting Book MA122 $7.95 NEW!Money ManagementPull it out,More than a piggy bank, these wedge-shaped roll it back.metal tins (labeled Save, Share, and Spend) 33 feet of fun.create a child-friendly method of budgeting. Big slots in the removeable plastic lids accept folded bills or coins. A clever passbook supports planning and tracking, encouraging children to set a giving goal. 5" high x 5" dia. when banded together.Moonjar Money Bank R218$20.50Measuring Up!Ideal for measuring large distances, this coated-fiberglass tape measuresSave, 10 meters/33 feet). It shows inches onShare,one side and centimeters on the other.or Spend!Rugged plastic case (4" dia.) with metal crank handle. Ages 4+.Wind-Up Tape MeasureV69 $14.95 40 forsmallhands.com'