b'PLAY & LEARN | READ TOGETHERMathis fun!Take a Skill-Building JourneyTiny Polka Dot The Coin Counting BookWill you travel the Endless Loop forever, or escapeNumber-Loving Learning Fun! Lets count our five pennies just one more time.through the Crocodile Short Cut? In this additionPlay 16 sequential games that teach counting, math,If we add five more pennies well haveone dime. and subtraction game, travel through a whimsicaland logic! Children can invent their own games, too! Bouncy rhymes lead children through basic coin land adding and subtracting numbers on dice.These colorful, polka-dotted cards have many levels equivalents from the penny to the dollar. Photos Players will master basic operations and learnof play and will grow along with your child. Nurtureof life-size coins are labeled with math equations, about number relationships such as even and oddyour childs love of math through play! 66 coatedin numerals and words. A great way to learn or less than and greater than. For 24 players. cardstock cards (3" dia.). For 16 players. comparative values. Paperback, 30 pages.Ages 5+.! Ages 38.Ages 58.Sum Swamp MA76 $21.50 Tiny Polka Dot MA210 $14.95 The Coin Counting Book MA122 $7.95 A Count Your Chickens! Math Dice Jr. A Cooperative Board Game for Kids! Kids First Mental Math GameHurry! All 40 baby chicks are out and the fox is loose!This game is fast paced, easy to play, and portable. Picture-based play makes it easy for everyone toFirst, roll the 12-sided die to come up with a target participate. Spin the spinner, count the spaces, andnumber. Next, roll the five standard dice and move the mother hen. Then return the same numbercombine those numbers to reach the target number. of baby chicks to the safety of the coop. ChildrenFor 2 or more players. Ages 6+, younger with adult learn and reinforce counting skills. Sturdy cardboardassistance.! game pieces. For 24 players. Ages 35.! B. Math Dice Jr. MA123 $8.95A. Count Your Chickens! Y312 $16.95BRoll the Dice!C Calculate number combinations, then start flipping until you turn over all of the tiles and shut the box. Vary or simplify the game for younger children by presenting it as a counting or symbol-matching activity (one die or two); also, play as solitaire. Includes 2 dice, felt-lined wooden box (10" x 6"), and basic instructions. Ages 4+.!C. Shut the Box MA35 $15.95 ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDSmall parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.C40 forsmallhands.com'