b'NEW! Animals & Nature Readers Invite beginning readers to explore the world and build knowledge with this book collection. These non-fiction stories feature appealing topics, beautiful photos, and simple text to enable youngBursting with Butterflieschildren to gain confidence and grow as readers.Shaped Memory MatchThis boxed set contains 5 paperback books (8This matching/memory set is as beautifulpages each) for 4 reading levels (20 books in all),as it is educational. Children will learn to and a 4-page guide. Ages 4-6. identify 12 real butterflies as they play.Let\'s Find Out ReadersL314$23.95 (Find their names printed inside the box.) The large, thick, die-cut pieces are especially appealing to children. 24 pieces (12 pairs).25 animal For 2 or more players. Ages 3-8. & trackButterflies Memory Match SC305 $13.95 Backside of a pairings butterfly card.Match Animal Paw PrintsCan you match an alligator to its track? How about a hippo? This beautifully illustrated matching game introduces children to the tracks of 25 animals (50 cards total). Includes cards (2" x 3"), instructions, and reference booklet. For 1 ormore players. Ages 4+. Match A Track SC162 $16.95 A young child peeks through the mesh habitat to watch the NEW!Animals: Here We Grow!Painted Lady butterfly emerge.Documented through stunning photography,the reader watches as 14 animals Hatch Live Butterflies!grow and change from egg/babyFAVORITE!to adult animal. Most animal lifeFrom tiny larva to beautiful butterfly, the cycles are illustrated with only 3three-week metamorphosis of Painted Lady or 4 photographs and a simplebutterflies perfectly illustrates the cyclical text description of the stages ofnature of life. When youre ready to begin, development: Egg to hatchling go online to redeem your voucher for five to chick to bird. An excellent live caterpillar/larvae (requires a $8.95 description of life cycles concludesshipping fee). Kit comes with voucher, a the book. Includes a list of breedsreusable pop-up habitat (10" dia. x 12" and a glossary. 38 pages. Ages 3-7. high), and instructions. Release mature PaperbackSC327$ 8.95 Features Painted Lady butterflies when outdoor HardcoverSC326 18.9514 animals! temperatures reach 55F. Please note: Butterfly larvae cannot be shipped outside ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDthe contiguous U.S.A. Ages 4+. ! Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. Butterfly Garden SC924 $27.95 More ANIMALS online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 33'