b'CULTURAL CONNECTIONSBUY BOTH AND SAVE $2.95!130+ Are thesecolor art orimages!music? A little bit of both!NEW EDITION! Rainforest Instruments Beginners World Atlas5th Edition Finger Djembe DrumThese colorful wooden instruments produce Stunning photographs and large, easy-to-read mapsThis handcrafted African-style djembe a complex sound with a simple movement. introduce children to the world and its continents.(gem-bay) drum is the perfect size for Blow puffs of air into the owlthe hoot is soChildren will learn about the physical world (landchildren. A simple finger tap produces a realistic youll think an owl is nearby. Rub the regions, water, climate, plants, and animals) andwonderful sound. A stretched skin drum frogs stick up and down its back to hear it the political world (countries, cities, people, andhead is attached to a hollowed, hand-carved croak. Handcrafted in Thailand, each piece languages). Features 10 illustrated physical maps,mahogany base. Imported from Indonesia is unique. Ages 3+.10 political maps, glossary, and index. From Nationalby Jamtown, a Fair Trade company. 4" top Hooting Owl 3" highM263$ 9.95Geographic Kids. Large format (10" x 13")dia.; 7" high. Ages 3+.Croaking Frog 3" longM2629.95paperback, 64 pages. Ages 510.Finger Djembe Drum M316 $23.95Owl/Frog Set M264 16.95SAVE Beginners World Atlas C101 $12.95Sharing the diversity of our world encourages appreciation of all.Each design is hand painted.NEW! Skin Tones Around the WorldKalimba Thumb Piano I Never Forget a FaceThese quality art materials provide an opportunityThis easy-to-play rhythm instrument calls out toMemory & Matching Gamefor children to become conscious of humanity\'sbe explored! Place it (round side down) in your lap,Sharpen recognition and memory skills by amazing variety of skin colors. Each set includes 12then pluck the metal keys with both thumbs. Madematching pairs of faces. This game features skin tones. The colors of We Are Colorful Coloredfrom half a coconut shell, beautifully embellishedcharming drawings of children from 24 different Pencils can be layered to create even more tones.with hand-painted designs in Indonesia. Shape,nations, some dressed in native costumes. Play Triangular-shaped Global Skin Tones Markers arecolor, size, and designs vary. Not tuned to a scale.individually or as a group. 48 sturdy, 2" sq. tiles washable and won\'t dry out (for 7 days) with theApprox. 6" dia. top x 3" high. Ages 4+.(2 of each design). Ages 38. cap off. Ages 5+. Kalimba Thumb Piano M86 $14.95 I Never Forget a Face C126 $19.95We Are Colorful Colored Pencils A46$9.95 Global Skin Tones Markers ! A2625.95Discover more CULTURAL ITEMS online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 49'