b'LET\'S CELEBRATE! More tunes on page 24.What Do You Celebrate? Holiday Paper Chains Seasonal Miniature Music BoxesHolidays and Festivals Around the WorldChildren love to decorate for the holidays! WithChildren will love singing along to these holiday tunes. Get ready to travel the world and join the celebration!an ingenious tab-and-slot design that little fingersAs they turn the crank, they can peer inside and watch In this enchanting introduction to traditions aroundcan easily manage, these reusable strips need nomusic in the making! The clear acrylic case covers all the globe, readers will find newfound knowledge andglue and make no mess! Make an Advent calendarthe moving parts, except the handle. 3" x 2"; 1" high. fun recipes, games, and craft ideas. The activities (each day remove one loop from a 25-loop chain)Base color may vary. Ages 3+, with careful presentation. are related to 14 international celebrations, including or decorate the tree or a doorway. 120 paperFrosty the SnowmanM29Holi, Hanami (Cherry Blossom Festival), Eid al-Fitr,strips (2" x 10"), enough to make a 24-footGreensleevesM24and Day of the Dead. Includes glossary and index.chain. Ages 5+.Jingle BellsM36 Hardcover, 32 pages. Ages 59. Holiday Paper Chains A504 $11.95 Rudolph, the Red-Nosed ReindeerM21What Do You Celebrate? C794 $16.95We Wish You a Merry ChristmasM23Each $7.95Holidays are a time to observe traditions. Celebrate by making decorations, playing games, or sharing a special meal.Play Dreidel &Light the MenorahAllow children to participate in cherished Hanukkah rituals. Spin a dreidelthis fast-paced game is simple to learn and fun to play. Includes 2 Wooden Dreidels (2" high) and instructions. Ages 7+; younger with adult assistance. The wooden Menorah replica features removable candles (slots on the back hold them when not in use). Use the shamus candle (3") to mimic lighting each candle. Includes Menorah (9" x 7"), 8 candles(2"), and the shamus. Ages 3+.Wooden Dreidels Set of 2 C44 $ 7.75 NEW!A Festive Twist Menorahon a Classic GameC47 24.95 Get into the spirit of the season with a BingoHanukkah begins game brimming with snowflakes and candy canes,on November 28.gingerbread, and stockings. Perfect for pre-readers and readers alike, each piece includes a colorful image that corresponds with a numbered square. Includes 4 bingo boards (5" x 6"), 31 picture cards(1" sq.) and 100 red plastic counters. For 24 players. Ages 6+, younger with adult assistance.!Festive Bingo C124 $9.95 View of backside. Light" the Menorah one candle at a time!6 forsmallhands.com'