b'LET\'S CELEBRATE!NEW!Festive Flags NEW!Birthdays Around the World Happy Bee-Day!A Strand of 12 Colorful Flags Learn about birthday celebrations, traditions,Make 10 Small CandlesLet\'s celebrate! Hang this strand of 12 colorful,special foods, customs, activities, and more from 14Make celebrations special by creating birthday reusable flags for celebration or for decoration.different children across seven continents. Discovercake-size candles with this little kit. Simply warm Strand is over 9 feet long (we show it in threehow each culture expresses birthday greetings ineach beeswax sheet in your hand, lay the wick on parts). Each wrinkle-resistant, 100% polyestertheir native language (pronunciations included).one edge, trim the wick (scissors not included), flag (5" x 7") has finished edges andIllustrations are rendered in detailed cut-paperroll the wax, and seal with your fingers. Includes is strung on a satiny cord. Flag colors arecollage. Includes notes for parents and teachers10 beeswax sheets (1" x 2"), cotton wick, and assorted and may vary. (with activities) and a glossary. Hardcover, 40 pages. instructions. Ages 4+ with adult supervision. Celebration Flags R181$11.95 Birthdays Around the WorldC591$18.95 Multicolor Beeswax Candle Kit A126 $5.95Birthdays and holidays are a time to observe traditions. Celebrate by making decorations, playing games, or sharing a special meal.Light the Menorah& Play DreidelAllow children to participate in cherished Hanukkah rituals. Use the shamus candle (3") to More tunesmimic lighting each of the eight on page 24. "candles" (2") in this wooden Menorah replica. The removable candles store in back when not in use. 9" x 7". Ages 3+. Spin a dreidelthis fast-paced game is simple to learn and fun to play. Includes 2 Wooden Dreidels (2" high) and instructions. Ages 7+; younger with adult assistance.Menorah C47$32.00Wooden Dreidels Set of 2 C44 9.95 Seasonal Miniature Music BoxesChildren will love singing along to these holiday tunes. As they turn the crank, they can peer inside and watch music in the making! The clear acrylicHanukkah begins case covers all the moving parts, except the handle.on December 7.3" x 2"; 1" high. Base color may vary. Ages 3+, with careful presentation. Frosty the SnowmanM29GreensleevesM24Jingle BellsM36 Rudolph, the Red-Nosed ReindeerM21We Wish You a Merry ChristmasM23View of backside. Light" theEach $8.95 Menorah one candle at a time!6 forsmallhands.com'