b'Matchpatterns (front)A terrifictravel toy!Solve puzzle Magnetic GeoformFAVORITE! NEW!A Balancing Act! Tangram Puzzle (back)In the car, at home, or almost anywhere, children willThe baker has been busy! How many goodies can heThis classic never goes out of style! Seven simple enjoy designing pictures and patterns with thesebalance? Take turns piling on the pastries, but don\'twooden piecesunlimited design potential. This wooden shapes. Strong magnets cover the backs of thelet them fall! Made of wood with charming details,ancient puzzle has captured the imaginations of pieces, so they stay put! The magnetic design boardthis delightful stacking game is perfect for developingchildren (and adults) for centuries. Includes 25 double-and a dry-erase board (markers not included) are partfine motor skills (and maybe, cravings for a bakerysided puzzle/pattern cards (4" sq.). Two levels of of the hinged storage case (11" sq.) 42 shapes and 24treat). Includes baker (5" x 4") with fabric hat, plusdifficulty: young children can make the designs by coated design cards (3" sq.). Ages 4+.! 13 wooden pieces. For 1+ players. Ages 3+.! matching the pieces to the colored pattern side of the Magnetic Geoform Y132 $35.95 Balance the Baker Y142 $18.95 card; older children can use the black puzzle side and then flip the card to check their work. Pieces store in the wooden tray (7" sq.). Ages 3+. Crafted to last, these wooden toys are designed forTangram PuzzleY168 $19.95maximum play value and have timeless appeal.Go For A Spin!Simply the best-designed spinning top weve experienced. Perfect balanceit just keeps going and going. Young children can easily place the handle on the axis, thread the shoelace-style cord through the hole, wind it up, and pull to release. 3" dia. wooden top with metal tip; 6" launcher; nylon cord with wooden bead. Ages 4+.!Jumbo Hand Spinning Top E10 $5.95Pattern PlayColor by Design FAVORITE!This intriguing set allows children to place all the blocks into the tray like a puzzle, build free-form designs, or match a pattern shown on a card. All the blocks are the same shapeonly the length and color vary. 40 blocks (4 each of 10 colors), wooden tray (10" sq.), 40 pattern cards, and cloth storage bag. Ages 3+.!Pattern Play Y202 $35.95More GAMES & ACTIVITIES online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 29'