b'Learn, play, share,& create together!SHAREtime together! This charming mug set encourages a child and an adult to sip a favorite beverage together. Made ofBack side enamelware (porcelain-coated metal), each mug has aof mugs.stainless steel rim to help prevent chipping. Adult mug is 12 oz. Child mug is 4 oz. Ages 3+.NEW! Tea for TwoElephants D61$28.95 NEW! Tea for TwoDucksD60 28.95Find glassware and EARNmugs on page 9. FREEMug sets come MATERIALSgift-boxed. FOR YOUR CHILDS SCHOOLSee page 30KEEPhands clean!Hand washing is more important than ever!Look insideHelp a young child know how long they need to wash their hands with this simple timer. Pushfor morethe button to light the timer. Timer will stay lit for 23 seconds (3 to get ready, 20 to wash). Stop washing when you hear the beep. Plastic casing (3" dia.) with non-skid feet. Includes 2Montessori- AAA batteries. Ages 3+. NEW! Hand Washing Timer! W80$10.95Discover more items for inspiredhand washing on page 12. activities!Back sideLEARN of frog card. to identify tropical frogs! This matching/memory set is as beautiful as it is educational. Children will learn to identify 12 real tropical frogs as they play. (Find their names printed inside the box.) The large, thick die-cut pieces are especially appealing to children. 24 pieces (12 pairs). For 2 or more players. Ages 3-8.NEW! Tropical Frogs Shaped Memory MatchSC306 $12.95Find more matching & memory games online!888-513-3998 3 3'