b'Read, create, play & explore together!DESIGNa picture! LOOKcloser!Hammering real nails through pre-drilled wooden tiles into a corkboard encourages These real binoculars will give your budding naturalistchildren to hone fine motor skills as they or astronomer a satisfying experience. Excellentcreate. Children can reproduce the 12 designs for exploring nature, birdwatching, and moonon the wooden cards or create their own. TilesIncludes:observation. 8X magnification and 21mm aperture.can be removed, then repositioned to create Corkboard (7" x 9"; " thick)Adjustable and easy-to-focus. Includes cleaningan infinite variety of patterns and pictures. 6 double-sided wooden design cardscloth, case, and small birdwatching guide. 2" xAges 4+.!(1).(5" x 8")3". Ages 4+.NEW! Hammering ShapesV536 $24.95Wooden Hammer (6")NEW! BinocularsSC56 $28.95 Discover more art & design 108 brass nails (")More outdoor exploration tools materials on pages 44-47.108 wooden pieces (4 colors; 9 shapes)on pages 34-35. Browse throughout for more Montessori-inspired activities!BUILDtogether!Get ready for fast-paced fun! The whole family will want to join in the buildingand racing! Featuring a jump, a metal bell-bucket, a plastic spiral funnel, and 18 wooden dominoes along with blocks, tracks, and marblesthis set has 81 pieces in all! Encourages hand-eye OnlyA littleLIGHT! 43 8 " coordination, planning, and problem solving / while demonstrating basic concepts of physics. tall Ages 3+.!(1, 3). Based on an iconic lamp design, thisMarble Run Race Track V423 $38.95miniature book light is irresistible. Highly functional, its flexibleMore timeless toyshead allows it to illuminateon pages 28-29.from a variety of positions. Clip to your favorite book or slip it into its weighted base for tabletop use. Includes batteries. 4" high; 1" dia. base. Ages 4+.NEW! Little Book Light V101 $9.95More illuminatingitems onpages 34-35. Race the marblesdown the track!888-513-3998 3 3'