b'OUR AMAZING BODYListen carefullyit really works.Can youhear it?Hear the BeatWhile you are awakewhile you are asleepyour heart is always beating. This authentic Stethoscope will allow children to discover their heartbeatsa calming activity because they must listen very carefully. Scope is chrome-plated with whiteTrue-to-Life Human X-Rayspolyethylene ear tips; flexible, plastic tubing (colorChildren can feel their bones from the outside, may vary). 24" long. Ages 4+.!CHOKING HAZARDthrough their skin and muscle. This x-ray set (1). Not for under 3 yrs. See p. 2. shows children what their bones actually Once children have heard their heartbeat, they mightlook like. Assemble a skeleton or guess which be curious about just how it works? Hear Your Heartbody parts belong to which bones. Includes 18 introduces a clear, accessible look at the heart andimages printed on heavy, transparent plastic circulatory system. Includes activities and resources.and a resource page with activity suggestions. Paperback, 33 pages. Ages 5-9. Ages 5+. NEW! Stethoscope SC300 $14.95 Human X-Rays SC09 $35.95Hear Your Heart SC326.95I\'m a life-size 5\' 6" skeleton!First Human Body Encyclopedia A first reference guide to your bodyLearn what happens inside and outside the body! This engaging encyclopedia provides bite-sized facts, fascinating photography, and detailed illustrations to reveal how the body works. Includes glossary, index, and activities for children to test their knowledge. Hardcover, 128 pages. Ages 5+.First Human Body Encyclopedia SC180$17.95 Montessori Services/For Small Hands11 West 9th St., Santa Rosa, CA 95401More ANATOMY online.FORSMALLHANDS.COM 888-513-3998 31 Order Anytime: 888-513-3998forsmallhands.cominfo@forsmallhands.com'