b'CLASSIC FUNJumbo Jacks in a TinPlaying jacks builds hand-eye coordination, and even better, its fun for the whole family! 10 metal jacks, Three 2 rubber balls, and guide to 10 games, all packed in on-the-go a retro storage tin (5" x 3"). Ages 6+.! CHOKING games in one! HAZARD (1, 2). Not for under 3 yrs. See p. 2.Jumbo Jacks in a Tin Y303 $12.95NEW!3-in-1 Tiddlywinks Game Wooden Slide Whistle Come Fly with MeFAVORITE!This compact classic game is oodles of fun. SimplyChildren move the slide in and out to produce theThey soar, they glide, they loop the loop! Patterns for insert one of the three interchangeable game boardssignature sliding whoop they love. The mellow toneten different paper airplanes come with step-by-step into the metal tin and play. Use the squidger (largeof this solid wood slide whistle is decidedly moreinstructions plus troubleshooting tips. Each pattern plastic disc) to shoot a wink (small plastic disc) onto/ appealing than metal or plastic versions. 7" closed,is rated for difficulty from quite simple to complex. into the target. A good workout for fine motor skills.opens to 11". Style may vary. Ages 3+. Comes with 40 sheets of flight-tested paper (8" x Includes instructions. For 1-4 players. 4" sq. Ages 4+.! Wooden Slide Whistle M55 $4.50 11"), printed on both sides. Spiral-bound paperback, 3-in-1 Tiddlywinks GameY810 $8.95 128 pages. Ages 7+, younger with assistance. The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes EM40 $16.95NEW!Jumbo Fun!Perfect for both indoor or outdoor play, this oversize set has instant appeal. The soft, woven fabric rug is printed with a classic checkerboard on one side and two tic-tac-toe variations on the reverse. Includes 24 plastic checkers (3" dia.). 26" sq. rug can be rolled or folded and is machine washable. Ages 5+.3-in-1 Giant Checker RugY131 $22.953 games onone reversible mat!54 forsmallhands.com'